Box Office Mojo Axed By IMDb -- Did The Company Buy BOM To Bury It?

Zachary Volkert

Box Office Mojo first popped up on the archaic, AOL-dominated internet way back in 1999. By 2008, Box Office Mojo was holding strong with nearly 2 million visitors. But another online movie giant saw them coming from afar and snatched them up. In July 2008, Box Office Mojo was purchased by the Internet Movie Database, popularly known as IMDb, for an undisclosed amount.

Around the time of the Box Office Mojo deal, IMDb was pretty secretive about what their plans were for the site, though they did heap heavy praise on the content that it was able to produce, especially with its only three-person staff at the time. Keith Simanton, managing editor of IMDb, told Puget Sound Business Journal that the work Box Office Mojo did for movie profit numbers was unrivaled in the industry.

"Box Office Mojo has been fanatical and assiduous about getting info about box office (numbers) and it's really hard to get it right... There's a reason why Mojo is a destination site for studio execs... We have plans for it which we can't get into."

— Russ Fischer (@russfischer) October 10, 2014

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[Image via 20th Century Fox and Flickr]