‘Labyrinth’ Sequel In The Works, But Is Bowie On Board?

Labyrinth, the magical 1986 cult movie starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly, reportedly has a sequel on the way.

According to io9.com, the Jim Henson Company is working on the second Labyrinth movie way under the radar while other films take predominance. The Jim Henson Company worked on the first Labyrinth movie to develop a mass of interesting characters, including muppet goblins and trolls.

Even though Labyrinth was a box office flop, the film gained a great cult fan base in later years, according to Screen Rant. Fans enjoyed watching David Bowie’s Goblin King character dance around vivaciously with a hard-not-to-notice crotch bulge after he kidnaps a little baby boy to turn into one of his goblin creatures. Jennifer Connelly played the baby’s older sister, who went on an other worldly adventure, learning responsibility and gaining confidence in herself as she set out to rescue her brother back from the enchanting Goblin King.

It is unknown if David Bowie will return as the Goblin King in the second installment of Labyrinth. The Jim Henson Company has not let out a peep about its plans for Labyrinth 2, an official movie title, or who will star in the film.

In fact, the only reason anyone knows a thing about the seemingly top secret film is because of a subtle mention in a Variety article about Billy Crystal being in a Henson Company production of Which Witch?

The end of the article briefly mentions the Jim Henson Company is currently working on sequels to Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, a new Fraggle Rock movie. Other works are also currently in production.

Until someone from the set decides to spill the beans, fans will have to sit tight to learn more about what is really going on behind the scenes at the Jim Henson Company. However, we do have a little something to get you dancing with a clip from the film.

The Inquisitr will have more information about the sequel of Labyrinth as it becomes available.