Meghan Trainor’s New Single ‘Lips Are Moving’ Hits The Internet

Meghan Trainor is still all about that bass in her newly release single, “Lips are Moving,” but will fans fall in love with it like they did with her first single?

There has been a little confusion over which song was to be Meghan Trainor’s next single, but according to Direct Lyrics, the song “Lips are Moving” was released and confirmed as the lead single from Meghan’s forthcoming full-length debut album, which is set to release via Epic sometime early next year.

Headline Planet explains news broke Thursday that Epic was planning to send “Lips are Moving” to radio as Meghan’s next single, beating out songs such as “Title” and “Dear Future Husband.” While the song is set to hit radio on October 21, it is already making its way around the internet for listeners to hear.

The audio posted above, which was released by VEVO via their New Music YouTube channel earlier today, has a very fast pace to it. While the lyrics are catchy, Meghan Trainor fans could be put off due to the fast pace. But don’t fret! This isn’t the only version that has been released. A slightly slower version was also released to, according to Direct Lyrics, and can be heard at the end of the report.

With lyrics such as “Boy, look at me in my face / Tell me that you’re not just about this Bass,” it’s no wonder why “Lips are Moving” was picked to follow up the chart topping song, “All About That Bass.”

In a nutshell, the new Meghan Trainor song talks about a girl who is dealing with a two-timing liar, and she wants him to know that she knows and won’t have any part of it.

I know you lie
Cause your lips are moving
Tell me do you think I’m dumb?
I might be young, but I ain’t stupid
Talking around in circles with your tongue
I gave you bass, You gave me sweet talk
Saying how I’m your number one
But I know you lie
Cause your lips are moving
Baby don’t you know I’m done

So what do fans think of Meghan Trainor’s new song? Just check out the Twitter response for yourself.

Have you checked out Meghan Trainor’s new single “Lips are Moving”? If so, share your thoughts on the song in the comments below!

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