Meghan Trainor’s ‘All About That Bass’ Tops The Billboard Digital Songs Chart

Meghan Trainor scored a major hit this year with her infectious single “All About That Bass,” though apparently, there’s still plenty of juice left in the tune.

Although the song seems to rub some folks the wrong way, that isn’t stopping fans from spending money on digital copies of the track. In fact, Meghan moved so many copies of the aforementioned single that she topped the Billboard Digital Songs chart once again.

According to Headline Planet, Meghan Trainor sold approximately 253,000 copies of “All About That Bass” last week, pushing the tune back to the top of the Billboard cart. This allowed Trainor to easily surpass Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off.”

While Trainor is sitting comfortable in the number one position, Swift isn’t doing too badly herself. “Shake it Off” moved around 224,000 over the past seven days, allowing her to secure the number two spot. For the moment, the curvy girl’s catchy number is more appealing than the skinny chick’s endeavor. Meghan probably isn’t complaining about that.

411 Mania reports that Meghan Trainor’s song has remained at the top of the Billboard Digital Sales chart for a total of four weeks. Some believed Taylor could dethrone the “Bass” queen, though apparently “Shake it Off” isn’t nearly as appealing as its competition.

Of course, Trainor and Swift aren’t the only female artists who are selling a ton of digital songs in recent days. Nicki Minaj’s controversial tune “Anaconda” landed at number three, while Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea’s collaboration “Black Widow” is holding onto the fourth place position. Jessie J’s “Bang Bang,” featuring Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, rounded out the top five. At the moment, the ladies are ruling the roost.

“All About That Bass,” is certainly a popular song, but that doesn’t mean everyone is a fan. Since Meghan takes a shot at skinny girls in the tune, some people believe that she has a thing against girls who are lacking in the curves department. Call it reverse fat shaming. However, Trainor told Cosmopolitan that this simply isn’t the case.

“I got people coming in saying, ‘Well, I’m skinny so you must hate me. Thanks.’ But it’s crazy that I have these little warriors… every bad comment they’ll just fight and be like, ‘You’re not listening to the lyric! You’re not hearing what she’s trying to say!'”

Are you surprised that Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” landed at the top track on the Billboard Digital Sales charts? Do you own a copy of the tune?

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