Update: Toddler Falls Into Jaguar Exhibit At Arkansas Zoo, Jaguars Repelled With Fire Extinguishers

A scary event has just unfolded at an Arkansas zoo leaving a 3-year-old boy injured.

A 3-year-old boy was rescued Friday after falling off a railing and into a jaguar exhibit at Arkansas’ Little Rock Zoo. He was taken to Children’s Hospital by ambulance, fire officials told KARK. His injuries weren’t immediately known, but Little Rock City Manager Bruce Moore told the station at the time of the accident that the child appears to be doing well.

Unfortunately, it appears the boy was not well. KARK is now reporting that the boy has been taken in for surgery following the incident with an apparent skull fracture.

Reports indicate that the boy’s grandfather had put him on the railing before he dropped. Zoo staff initiated “emergency procedures” and got the boy out, Moore added. Details of the story are still emerging, but local news stations are keeping the public updated via social media.

The story will be updated as new details are confirmed.

This isn’t the first time a person has been injured inside an exhibit at the zoo. A woman was recently kicked in the face by a giraffe when she entered the enclosure.

Update: According to News 5 out of Arkansas, zoo officials immediately called for help over the speaker system when the toddler fell into the jaguar enclosure. A staff member was able to repel the jaguars with a fire extinguisher while a second staff member dropped a ladder into the exhibit and carried the child to safety. The staff then took the boy and his parents via a golf cart to a back exit of the zoo to meet an ambulance.