Kanye West Slams White Lawyer For Quoting The ‘N’ Word In His Own Song And Insults Britney Spears

Kanye West is no stranger to saying exactly what is on his mind, and he did not hold back in leaked transcripts of his 2013 deposition for attacking a photographer and destroying his camera.

TMZ obtained the deposition transcripts and revealed Kanye has some strong opinions about the paparazzi and white people quoting his songs with the use of the “n” word.

The photographer’s lawyer, Nate Goldberg, asks Kanye about his song about the paparazzi, “Flashing Lights.” In the transcript, Goldberg quoted the song by saying, “Till I get flashed by the paparazzi, damn, these ni**as got me.”

Obviously offended, Kanye quickly responded to the lawyer’s attempt to quote his song.

“You have to ask for a hall pass. You can’t just say the ‘n’ word around me.”

West clarified, “It offends me because you’re a white person saying ‘ni**a.'”

Kanye West recalled the horror of the “n” word during the struggle his parents faced when fighting for equality by saying, “I mean in the ’60s people used to hold up ‘Die Ni***r’ signs when my parents were in the sit-ins also.”

Kanye claims the similarities to celebrities fighting for their privacy rights today and African-Americans and other minorities fighting for their civil rights in the 1960s are striking. In fact, West said the invasion of celebrity privacy is equal to “discrimination” and “inequalities.”

“We, as group of minorities here in LA, as celebrities have to ban together to influence guys like this — guys trying to take the picture, guys trying to get the big win, guys trying to get the check.”

According to NME, Kanye West described himself in the deposition as “the smartest f**king celebrity you’ve ever dealt with. I’m not Britney Spears.”

Kanye slammed Goldberg by claiming the lawyer is only concerned with wealth and loops in the law, while Kanye tries to make the world a better place with his creativity.

“I’m in the business of trying to make dope sh*t for the world. You’re in the business of representing scums and trying to make as much money as long as there’s this lapse in the law.”

West was very sarcastic in some of his responses in the deposition. When asked where he lived at the time of the deposition, West simply replied, “Earth.”

West was charged with attempted grand theft and criminal battery after pleading not guilty to attacking the photographer at LAX airport last year. Kanye West received a sentence in March, 2014, which ordered him to two years of probation.

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