‘Days Of Our Lives’: EJ DiMera Shot Dead — James Scott Leaving Show

Days of Our Lives fans watched on Friday as James Scott’s fan favorite character, EJ DiMera, was shot and killed in Salem Park.

EJ died in his wife Sami Brady’s arms, which made for a very emotional and sad scene for Days of Our Lives fans to watch.

EJ DiMera was killed by his former business partner, Clyde, and Clyde’s henchman, who disagreed with Mr. DiMera over their illegal business practices.

Days of Our Lives fans immediately took to their social networking sites to reveal their sadness over EJ DiMeara’s death on Friday — but as they know, in Salem, death comes often but isn’t always permanent.

After EJ was shot in Salem park, his wife came to his aide and the couple exchanged their final words about their children, and how much love they had for one another, as some Days of Our Lives fans cried right along with Sami.

Just before the police and ambulance showed up, EJ’s body gave out due to blood loss from the gunshot wound, and he died, leaving loyal Days of Our Lives viewers in total shock.

However, Days of Our Lives fans weren’t the only ones in shock. EJ’s wife Sami was told that her husband had died, but she just couldn’t believe it to be true.

Sami Brady couldn’t even form a tear for her late husband as she had a hard time understanding what had just happened to the love of her life.

Meanwhile, Sami Brady will soon be gone from Salem as well. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, both James Scott and Alison Sweeney have announced that they’ve decided to leave Days of Our Lives, much to the disappointment of their loyal and loving fans.

As EJ DiMera is now dead, Sami will soon be off as well with her children. However, it’s unknown how Sami and the kids will leave Salem, but it’s thought that they may need a fresh start after EJ’s death.

The next couple of weeks on Days of Our Lives should be good TV as fans will see how Sami Brady and her children react to EJ DiMera’s death, as well as plan the funeral for their fallen family member.

Meanwhile, fans are wondering if EJ will rise from the ashes like his father, Stefano DiMera, has done so many times before, and will be waiting for a twist in this sad story line, TV Fanatic reports.

What do you think about EJ DiMera being dead on Days of Our Lives?

[Image credit: NBC]