Abby Lee Miller Hit With ‘Dance Moms’ Lawsuit: Paige Hyland Files Suit

Abby Lee Miller is facing another Dance Moms and it once again involves the Hyland family. Though there are still prior lawsuits and legal issues outstanding between Miller and Kelly Hyland, now there’s an additional suit thrown into the mix.

TMZ reports that a new lawsuit has been filed by Paige Hyland against Miller. As Dance Moms fans know, Kelly Hyland had two dancers at the Abby Lee Dance Center: Paige and her older sister Brooke. The family left after a fight between Abby Lee Miller and Kelly Hyland last November.

The new lawsuit filed on behalf of Paige alleges that Miller was cruel to the dancers and caused emotional distress. The Hylands say that Paige had to work 12-hour days and 60-hour weeks for the show and she was afraid she would be physically attacked because she had watched Abby get physical with others on the show.

The suit also says that sometimes Miller pinched the girls until they bled, insulted their looks, and tore into them for being emotionally weak. Given that much of this kind of treatment from Abby toward the girls is shown on Dance Moms itself, it doesn’t come as much of a shock that it would be put forth in the lawsuit as well.

News of the lawsuit comes just after the season 4 finale where fellow Dance Moms dancer Chloe Lukasiak suffered a lot of stress from Abby Lee Miller’s tactics as well. Though nobody has confirmed it yet, many believe that the Lukasiaks may well have left the show for good.

As Deadline notes, there is already a lawsuit filed by Kelly working its way through the system. In that one, the Hylands filed a $5 million complaint against both Collins Street Entertainment and Abby Lee Miller. The new Paige Hyland suit does not name Collins Avenue. Attorneys Michael Shapiro and Marcus Jackson are working on both suits.

After the November 2013 battle between Kelly and Abby in front of cameras, the Hylands left the show. Miller went on to say some pretty outrageous things about Kelly, particularly during an appearance on The View. She said that the girls shouldn’t be with Hyland and that Kelly has issues with alcohol. Hyland is facing assault charges for the altercation between the two.

So far there is no additional information revealing why the Hylands have added the lawsuit from Paige, or how it may affect the initial lawsuit. It looks like this drama off-screen isn’t going to be resolved any time soon. So far none of the parties involved have released statements or commented on the new lawsuit via social media.

As for new episodes of Dance Moms, it seems that season 5 has just started filming, though of course it’s without the Hylands and many believe without the Lukasiaks as well. Stay tuned for more news on the Dance Moms lawsuits against Abby Lee Miller as it all plays out in court.

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