‘Dance Moms’ Finale Spoilers: Season 4 Brings Nationals, Departure Of An ALDC Dancer?

Tuesday night the Season 4 finale of Dance Moms airs on Lifetime and it looks like it’s going to be a heartbreaking episode for some. It’s time for the performances at Nationals, and it seems that one dancer may be bidding farewell to the Abby Lee Dance Company. What Dance Moms spoilers are available for “Hollywood Here We Come, Part 2”?

As viewers saw last week, Abby Lee Miller and the ALDC girls all traveled to Hollywood for Nationals. It’s been a busy trip, with Cathy of the Candy Apples trying to stir up drama and that’s going to continue in Tuesday night’s show. Now it’s time to see the actual competition though and Miller is putting a lot of pressure on the girls.

TV Guide teases Dance Moms spoilers that the moms will worry that Abby isn’t focusing on the routines enough. Miller will threaten to cut dancers if they don’t achieve top marks and she makes it clear she expects top placements in all of the categories. In addition, as many fans have been bracing themselves to see, it appears that Christi and Chloe Lukasiak may bid farewell to the ALDC. Are they really leaving, or is this just hype for ratings?

There has been a lot of buzz about Chloe’s status with Dance Moms for Season 5, and speculation about whether she’s left the ALDC. The Lukasiaks haven’t been able to comment too specifically on the rumors, but many who follow the show closely believe that Chloe has indeed left the Lifetime show and that she’s now dancing at Studio 19. In fact, the Wikia page for Chloe shows a picture seemingly confirming that.

Others have interpreted clues available to mean that Chloe will still be on the show, but her daily training is being done elsewhere. Most would say it’s looking as if Lukasiak is indeed gone from the show after this episode, but fans will have to stay tuned to find out for certain.

As for specific Dance Moms spoilers for the Season 4, Episode 31 show, there are quite a few from the show’s full Wikia page. Do the girls pull off the wins that Abby demands? It would seem that the Elite team of Maddie, Mackenzie, Chloe, Kendall, Nia and Sarah Reasons do win first place overall.

The Select team of Sarah Reasons (apparently she dances in both numbers), Jade, Tea and Kamryn take first in the teen division, but second overall. The Candy Apples take fifth overall. As for the individual performances, Dance Moms spoilers indicate that Maddie Ziegler’s solo is pulled from the competition. Chloe places sixth overall while Kamryn is seventh and Kendall is ninth.

A reunion show will air next week, so surely viewers will get more answers regarding the Chloe situation then. It seems that filming for Season 5 has just started, so it won’t take long for Dance Moms spoilers to emerge regarding what comes next for the girls, Abby Lee Miller and the ALDC.

Tune in to the season 4 finale of Dance Moms airing on Tuesday, October 7 to see just how all of the drama at Nationals plays out.

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