Wisconsin Man Joins Fight Against ISIS In Syria

A Wisconsin man decided that enough is enough and joined the forces fighting the terrorist group ISIS (or ISIL) in Syria. Following what he saw as inaction by the American government, Jason Matson from Racine took matters into his own hands, literally.

The 28-year-old American citizen traveled to Syria to join in the fight against ISIS, the brutal al-Qaeda offspring, which has been promoting at least four-gruesome beheading videos of innocent American and British journalists caught up in the conflict brewing in the Middle East.

The tall, slender man from Wisconsin conceded that his friends and family think he is crazy for taking up arms against ISIS, but he just could not sit idle while the propaganda machine for the savages raged on. Matson was very critical of the Obama administration for reacting so slowly to the atrocities committed by the terrorists, in an interview with USA Today.

“I couldn’t just sit and watch Christians being slaughtered anymore. I got sick of giving online sympathy. Five minutes of lip service does nothing. These people are fighting for their homes, for everything they have.”

“It wasn’t until an American was beheaded did we do anything. We just let the monster grow and grow. For the U.S. government, it’s not about human life. It’s about how they look in the opinion polls.”

The horrific beheading of American journalist James Foley in August prompted the Wisconsin man to take up arms against ISIS and join the Kurdish forces fighting the terrorists. Unfortunately, the former U.S. Army infantryman was injured by shrapnel from a mortar attack by Islamic State thugs in Jazaa, close to the Iraqi border and is now recovering in a hospital in Syria, The Huffington Post reports.

Jordan Matson joins fight against ISIS
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Matson says that another American had also joined the Kurds in their fight against ISIS and they met just an hour before the attack that injured him. “We met one hour before we were attacked and we were joking how funny it would be if we were attacked when we’d just met one another,” he said.

So how did a man from Wisconsin get to the Kurdish forces to fight ISIS? Matson says he worked as a delivery truck driver to save enough money to support himself for three-years, the time he expects to be in Syria and contacted the YPG via social media.

“I was Googling the Syrian civil war looking for a military force fighting ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIL) that wasn’t a terrorist organization. I found the YPG (Kurdish People’s Protection Unit) on Facebook and saw it wasn’t a terrorist organization so I contacted them.”

“They asked me a few questions to make sure I wasn’t pro-ISIS and then they told me I could come. I just flew by the seat of my pants.”

Matson traveled from Wisconsin to Chicago and then to Warsaw, Poland, where he boarded a flight to Istanbul. He then drove to Turkey, where he was picked up by a YPG member who drove him to Iraq where he crossed the border into Syria pretending to be a doctor.

The intrepid fighter doesn’t regret coming to the battlefield to fight ISIS and communicates by speaking a few words in Kurdish and with sign language, with his fellow fighters and the doctors at the damaged local hospital.

“They don’t pay me, but they treat me like family. If I need anything, they look after me,” he said adding that the Kurdish forces are extremely young, kids really, and lack any kind of sophisticated equipment. They are also very bad shooters.

“Sometimes it’s just kids. That’s the way it is. I have a Kalashnikov (automatic rifle). That’s it.”

“In the dark, with no night vision goggles, we can’t see ISIS. The other night 12 black figures walked towards our base and just started shooting at us.”

Even though he can’t join the fight at the moment, the Wisconsin man is committed to the cause of defeating the ISIS and is ready as soon as he recovers. “Once I can put a boot back on I’m back there.”

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