Man Wants To Trade A House For iPhone 6

A man in Detroit, Michigan has offered a house in exchange for the new iPhone 6. The home, which is described by WXYZ in Detroit as “far from move-in condition” is on the market for the cool-cool price of $3,000, but the owner, who lives in Austria, is offering to trade the home for an iPhone 6. Not the iPhone 5, as someone actually offered according to ABC News, but the hot new iPhone 6, which retails for about $700 and according to The Inquisitr sold 10 million units in its first three days on the market. The owner will also take a 32 gig iPad.

The house has three bedrooms, one and a half baths, and is around 2400 square feet on a 4,300 square foot lot, according to There is no door, or windows, which have all been broken, and there is extensive fire damage throughout. Not to mention the most important aspect of real estate: location, location, location. The house site on Detroit’s east side, a section of the embattled city known for its crime and seediness. Still interested?

iPhone 6 for a house
The Zillow listing amkes it sound so appealing.

The new owner of the home would have to pay up to $6,000 in back taxes, in addition to the iPhone 6, but there’s not many instances in life where one can buy property for a phone and what constitutes the credit limit of a college student’s credit card.

The homes’ owner paid $41,000 for the house in 2010, but declining property values in the area have made the property a veritable money pit, and the $6,000 in back taxes owed was enough to push the owner to the point of the trade. Larry Else, the broker working the deal for the owner told ABC News that he has already had many interested parties contact him.

That isn’t deterring the new-found interest in the property, as Else said that he received four offers today alone, ranging in seriousness.

He said he expects one of the four offers to work out, and may even finalize the sale tonight.

One prospective buyer/trader said they wanted the house “for the wood.” Whatever the reason, interest is high and Else and his client know that they are close to owning a hot new gadget. Oh, and also being rid of an eyesore property. But could this be a one off case, or the beginning of a bartering system in Detroit that hasn’t been used since the French and Indian Wars. Else said that he’s already gotten another call from a homeowner who has had trouble selling their property.

“I did get a call from a seller today who said ‘We’ve been having a hard time selling our house. We have it listed for $20,000. Could I get a 1994 Chevy for this house?'”

Would you take a chance on the ultimate fixer-upper in trade for an iPhone 6?

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