Teachers Told To Stop Calling Students ‘Boys’ And ‘Girls’

Teachers in Nebraska have been told to stop referring to students as boys and girls. An internal memo entitled, “The Genderbread Person” by the It’s Pronounced Metrosexual website was allegedly used as the basis for the new type of gender neutral phrasing used when addressing the pupils in the district.

“The Genderbread Person” concept reportedly promotes the concept of metrosexuality while offering what has been deemed a politically correct view of the “gender spectrum” by opponents of the new dictate. Nebraska Watchdog first unearthed “The Genderbread Person” handout, and the story then quickly went viral. The document offers “12 easy” to foster greater “gender inclusiveness.” Teachers were reportedly told to avoid asking students to line up as boys or girls, or otherwise separating the children by gender.

An excerpt from “The Genderbread Person” handout reads, “Don’t use phrases such as ‘boys & girls,’ ‘you guys,’ ‘ladies and gentlemen,’ and similarly gendered expressions to get kids’ attention.” The document suggests teachers could instead use terms such as “campers,” “readers,” “athletes” or perhaps even “purple penguins” to garner the attention of the assembled group of students.

Nebraska teachers were further urged to “[p]rovide an opportunity for every student to identify a preferred name or pronoun. When you find it necessary to reference gender, say ‘Boy, girl, both or neither.”

The handout also includes instructions on how teachers should respond to children when asked why gender terms should be avoided. “When asked why, use this as a teachable moment. Emphasize to student that your classroom recognizes and celebrates the gender diversity of all students,” the document said.

An inforgraphic created by the It’s Pronounced Metrosexual website, which was also given to Lincoln, Nebraska, school teachers, boasts a new take on the classic gingerbread man image. The gingerbread man becomes a genderbread person, and the accompanying text goes into great detail about what the authors deem the gender spectrum.

“Gender is one of those things everyone thinks they understand, but most people don’t,” according to the handout which was intended to be given to students.

Another excerpt from the gender equality handout reads, “It’s not either/or. In many cases it’s both. A bit of this, a dash of that. Gender identity [is a] psychological quality; unlike biological sex, it can’t be observed or measured, only reported by the individual. Like biological sex, it consists of more than two categories, including those who identify as a third gender, two-spirit (both), or agender (neither).”

Lincoln Public Schools Superintendent Steve Joel defended “The Genderbread Person” handout during a radio show interview with Kevin Thomas. Joel said the schools position is one of “inclusiveness.”

The Nebraska school official also added, “We know that there’s a correlation between bullying and gender, as well as sexual preference, and so you know, as a school district, we’re just trying to provide information for our folks to understand that a little bit better. I’m happy. I’m pleased.”

Distribution of the gender equality handout is anticipated to expand to 40,000 students in the near future. When asked how the school would respond if either parents or teachers disagreed with the material on religious grounds, Superintendent Joel said, “If we have teachers that are offended or bothered by what it is we’re trying to do as a school system, in serving all students and all populations and all demographics, then they need to meet with their principal and talk through that, but the expectation is that we’re going to do it.”

What do you think about “The Genderbread Person” handout and the gender equality concepts to be utilized in the public school district? Do your children attend public, private, charter, or homeschool?

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