Brittany Maynard Brain Tumor Leads Woman To Choose Date She Will Die

The story of Brittany Maynard’s brain tumor and the woman’s choice to control when she dies has gone viral. Many find Maynard’s choice controversial, as she has chosen to share her story publicly to raise attention to the Death with Dignity Act. Now it has been revealed that she has a specific date chosen for her death.

People shares the background on Brittany Maynard’s brain tumor. The 29-year-old lived an active life, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and traveling through Asia, but life changed in January. She had just gotten married when she started having severe headaches. Soon she learned she had brain cancer.

Maynard went through surgery, but doctors determined that her tumor had grown even larger. She was told in April that she had, at best, six months to live. After a great deal of research and talking with family, Maynard decided that she would take control over how she ultimately passed.

Brittany and her family moved to Oregon from San Francisco. Oregon is one of five states that have authorized aid in dying. Maynard says that her husband, Dan Diaz, and her mother support her decision and she has the prescription filled for the drug that will aid her in dying when she decides it is time.

According to the Washington Post, Brittany Maynard’s brain tumor has progressed to such a point that she has now pinpointed a specific date when she will use the prescription she has. She reveals that she will move ahead with her plan on November 1. She wanted to wait until after her husband’s birthday, which is on October 26.

Though Maynard has been sharing her story via a video that spreads the message of her work with Compassion & Choices, her condition is deteriorating. She indicates that the pain and seizures are increasing, and she has decided with her family that soon it will be time.

Brittany shares that she has chosen to die in her Portland, Oregon bedroom. She will have her husband, mother, stepfather and best friend with her. As it happens, her best friend is a physician. She says she is not suicidal, but she is dying and she is determined to die on her own terms. Though she could still change her mind, at this point she seems resolute in her decision.

Not everybody agrees with Maynard’s choice to utilize the provisions in the Death with Dignity Act. However, many following the story of Brittany Maynard’s brain tumor and choice to control her death are sharing their full support.

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