News Corp. Settles One Phone Hacking Scandal For $4.8 Million

News Corp. has reached a settlement in one phone hacking scandal. The company has agreed to pay the family of a murdered girl at the center of the case the sum of $4.8 million.

Under the agreement the family of Milly Dowler will receive $3.2 million with the rest of the settlement being donated to a charity.

Dowler’s phone was hacked by employees at the now defunct News of the World, a scandal that led to further accusations and investigations around the world, including in the United States where News Corp. is accused of hacking phones that belonged to 9/11 victims and their families.

In a statement released to the press News Corp. founder and CEO Rupert Murdoch said:

“When I met with the Dowlers in July, I expressed how deeply sorry I was for the hurt we had caused this family.”

Murdoch also revealed:

“The behavior that the News of the World exhibited toward the Dowlers was abhorrent and I hope this donation underscores my regret for the company’s role in this awful event.”

According to reports Murdoch was directly involved in arranging the settlement for the Dowler family.

The settlement also comes just as News Corp. holds their shareholders meeting in Los Angeles.

Do you believe that a $4.8 million settlement makes up for the company’s violation of trust with their readers? With more investigations launched, falling stock prices and distrust around the globe that sum is only a small part of what the company has and will lose in the future.

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