Meet The Nurse Who Claims She Speaks To Ghosts

A woman who was plagued with supernatural visions while working in a hospital, decided to end her nursing career and became a medium.

Mother-of-three, Sally Cudmore said she always knew she had a sixth sense from a very early age, but the 43-year-old from Blackheath in London only realized the true extent of her supernatural abilities when she began training as a nurse five years go.

Nurses and doctors are more familiar than most with that fine line which separates life from death. Working in a place where people are born and die every day requires both a strong sense of practicality and a healthy dose of optimism; but for Sally, her employment in Lewisham hospital proved too much to bear after she became haunted by visions of her patients’ deaths.

Whilst working on a special care ward at the hospital, Sally would begin to see an intense aura of red and black surrounding certain patients. A sign she said that meant their death was imminent.

“I trained on a special care ward in Lewisham Hospital where patients were dangerously ill and I started to see events of the future before they happened in my head.

“I knew someone was going to die when I saw red and black surrounding them and it became really upsetting.

“There was one occasion where a patient’s family were all remarking how well she looked and how they thought she was getting better.

“I saw the red and black surrounding her and within the hour she was dead. I’m only human and it does get to you – especially when it’s children.”

As terrifying as it might sound to be haunted by vision of such a macabre nature, for Sally, it was a reminder of a special talent she had strived to shut herself away from for years.

Sally told The Daily Mail that she first experienced a visitation from beyond the grave as an eight-year-old, when she was regularly visited by the spirit of a young girl. As time went by, external and internal pressures forced Sally to push her psychic abilities to the back of her mind and lock them in a small box, boldly marked “Do Not Enter.”

However, when she began training as a nurse, and began working in an environment that straddles the very cusp between this world and the next, she was unable to prevent the gates of the spirit world from opening and the supernatural visions pouring forth.

“As a trainee nurse I quickly got used to death and I cared for people in their final days. But it was the spirits coming back that I wasn’t ready for. Life in a hospital was harder than I could have imagined.”

As tragic as her visions of impending death often were, Sally sought solace in the fact that her gift was a double-edged blade. The former nurse found she could also use her powers to bring comfort to grieving relatives.

“I would see family members that would be coming for their loved ones. I was able to pass on messages and comfort people in their grief.

“That was when I started to realize that I had a gift and I should use it to help people.”

Persevering with just a year of nursing training, Sally felt she had no choice but to call it quits and accept the calling to her true vocation – that of a medium.

Sally, who now is often compelled to approach complete strangers in the street and pass on message from loved ones who have passed over, explains she is just doing what she was born to do.

“I feel like I have a duty to comfort people who are grieving. ‘Sometimes people are a little bit apprehensive when I approach them but once they hear the accuracy of the message they are usually really grateful.”

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