World War 3: America Will Lose Nuclear War To China And Russia, U.S. ‘Expert’ Predicts On Iranian TV

The United States is deliberately provoking Russia and China into World War 3, but when it comes to a nuclear war, the result will not be the total mutual annihilation that is usually assumed to be the inevitable result of all-out nuclear World War 3.

Instead, the United States will lose.

That extreme, and extremely grim, World War 3 forecast came from an American retired university professor interviewed Monday on the English-language Iranian TV network Press TV.

James Henry Fetzer, 73, who lists himself as a professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota and currently sits on the editorial board of the online publication Veterans Today, is a frequent guest on the Tehran, Iran-based 24-hour news channel — though in the U.S. he is generally considered a fringe conspiracy theorist for his opinions that the 9/11 attacks were staged by the U.S. government and that the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was the work of Israeli death squads with U.S. government cooperation among other, similar beliefs.

After Fetzer, a former U.S. Marine, published a 2013 article containing his Sandy Hook conspiracy theories, the University of Minnesota criticized him for using his affiliation with the university as well as his UM email address in connection with the article.

Fetzer published his latest Sandy Hook article, calling the tragic mass shooting a “hoax” on the Veterans Today site September 19. The web publication has also recently published articles on UFOs and “The Geopolitics of World War 3.”

But Fetzer’s opinions are often sought out by the Iranian news channel, and on Monday, Fetzer gave the network some of his most dire viewpoints yet — viewpoints which predicted an inevitable World War 3, one which Fetzer says the United States will lose.

Fetzer accused the United States of “attempting to encircle Russia with a series of anti-missile batteries ostensibly directed toward Iran because of its ‘nuclear weapons program’ when Americans and Russians and most of the world know that Iran has no nuclear weapons program.”

Fetzer also told Press TV that the current U.S. bombing raids in Syria were not directed at ISIS but instead were intended to deliberately destroy Syria’s infrastructure.

He told the Iranian news operation — whose CEO is appointed directly by Iran’s leader, Ayatollah Ali Khameni — that the U.S. airstrikes were “an act of treachery and duplicity,” and “one of the most disgraceful actions ever undertaken by the United States in any situation whatsoever.”

The U.S actions in Syria, as well as those in regard to Russia and China, give those two nuclear superpowers “every right to exercise or display their military power, which in my opinion is actually capable of defeating the United States in a nuclear exchange,” Fetzer told Press TV.

Fetzer concluded by calling for the United States to “back down,” presumably in order to avoid World War 3.