Taco Bell Customers Are Getting The Chance to Win A Free PS4

If you’re thinking about snagging fast food sometime between October 9 and November 19, consider swinging by Taco Bell and picking up a Big Box. The company has announced a new promotion offered in partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. According to the official press release, new winners of PS4 gaming systems will be announced about every 15 minutes during this six-week long promotion.

So what exactly do you have to order to become eligible for this promotion? You don’t have to make a Taco Bell purchase to gain a chance to win. You can either purchase a Big Box meal or obtain entry codes via the website or post. According to the official game rules, you can mail Taco Bell up to 28 code requests during the entire promotion. The main caveat is that each request must be handwritten. This prevents contestants from printing off code requests en masse and mailing them off. Or you can request a single code without a purchase through a special website defined by the game rules.

If you decide to purchase the Big Box at a Taco Bell location, you must pick up a Big Box meal with the PS4 branding. Each Big Box contains a Crunchy Taco, Locos Taco, beef Quesarito, and a fountain drink. The Quesarito is one of Taco Bell’s most recent offerings, a hybrid dish that consists of a quesadilla wrapped around a burrito. This strange concoction was dissected in a Bloomberg Businessweek article, which revealed that this menu item contains about 650 calories of rice, meat, cheese, and quesadilla. Each Big Box meal comes with a special code, which users enter at the official Taco Bell promotional website, http://www.tacobell.com/winps4.

But the process isn’t over once you enter the code online. Contestants must play the game via text message or online. Those competing with their mobile phones must text the code to a special promotional number to learn more about the game and agree to the official rules. Alternatively, contestants can participate in Game Play online, which does not necessitate text messaging.

So what happens if you win the promotion? The prize package consists of a white PS4 gaming system, a 30-day PlayStation Plus pass, a copy of the Destiny video game, a wireless controller, and free access to Destiny downloadable content. Destiny was released by game developers at Bungie on September 9, receiving favorable ratings from game publications such as IGN, which bestowed the title with a 7.8 out of 10 score. Right after the launch, Activision announced that the game shipped over $500 million during the first day of its release.

In total, Taco Bell and Sony estimate that the total value of prizes issued to contest winners will exceed $2.2 million. With winners announced every 15 minutes, this could be a very fortuitous time to visit your nearest Taco Bell and try out the Quesarito Big Box. Or if you want to go the low calorie route, you can also explore the snail-mail or online non-purchase alternatives.

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