Man Convicted Of Setting Puppy On Fire Hospitalized For Gunshot Wounds On His Privates

Instances of animal cruelty are alarmingly common. Be it pets or other animals, people have horrendously abused them and more often than not, left them to die. While many of such horrible human beings have gone scot-free, a few were caught and punished under the judicial system. However, a youth who set a poor puppy on fire was recently admitted to the trauma center in Buffalo, New York.

Adell Ziegler, 21, one of two men who were arrested in November 2012 for setting a Jack Russell Terrier puppy on fire, was admitted to the emergency ward of a hospital after being shot on Humboldt Parkway on Monday. Ziegler was shot in the groin and buttocks at approximately 9:10 a.m. in the 600 block of Humboldt, according to Buffalo Police. He was taken to Erie County Medical Center for treatment. As of now, his condition has stabilized and he is said to be out of danger, reported the Huffington Post.

Adell Ziegler and Diondre L. Brown were both arrested on Nov. 13, 2012, for abusing a Jack Russell puppy. It was established that the sick duo hung up a Jack Russell terrier puppy three feet in the air, doused him with lighter fluid, and then brutally set the defenseless animal on fire.

Adell Ziegler and Diondre L. Brown Horribly Tortured A Helpess Puppy Before Setting It On Fire
Adell Ziegler and Diondre L. Brown Horribly Tortured A Helpless Puppy Before Setting It On Fire

Eyewitnesses who saw the incident alerted the fire department. Firemen wrapped the puppy in a blanket and rushed him to Buffalo Small Animal Hospital. The puppy was scorched from head to toe and had suffered third-degree burns over 30 percent of his body. However, Dr. Rebecca Wagner and her staff tended to the puppy and managed to nurse him back to health. The puppy had to undergo multiple skin graft surgeries in order to make it through the painful ordeal.

Considering the miraculous recovery the dog made after being singed completely, the staff lovingly named him Phoenix, the legendary mythical bird that rises from its own ashes. Phoenix has since made a complete recovery, albeit the scars of his trauma are still quite visible. The puppy has been adopted by a member of the veterinary staff at the Buffalo Small Animal Hospital.

Despite Sustaining Severe Burns, The Puppy Survived And Made A Full Recovery
Despite sustaining severe burns, the puppy survived and made a full recovery.

Ziegler eventually pleaded guilty in April to felony aggravated cruelty to animals and was sentenced to one year in prison. About two years later he was found shot in his privates, reported Buffalo News. Interestingly, the gunshot wounds indicate that whoever shot Ziegler wanted him to suffer, not die. Local law enforcement officers haven’t made any arrests so far.

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