Jahi McMath Brain-Dead Ruling: Family Claims Teen Shows Signs Of Life, Wants Ruling Reversed

The Jahi McMath brain-dead ruling was premature, the family believes, and they are now seeking to have it reversed. The California teenager had been declared brain-dead after the 13-year-old suffered complications in a surgery last December. Her family refused to accept that the teen was brain-dead, and they fought to have her moved to another facility. Now, they claim that the teen is making progress toward a recovery.

People shares that the family’s attorney says that McMath is showing signs of brain function. Attorney Chris Dolan is now seeking that Jahi McMath’s brain-dead ruling be changed in court to declare her alive. A death certificate was issued after the teen was determined to be brain-dead, and the family wants that reversed as well.

Dolan says that tests were run at Rutgers University last week by doctors with the International Brain Research Foundation. The attorney has also shared video that seemingly shows McMath moving in response to her mother’s commands. The International Brain Research Foundation says that Jahi has also responded consistently to other commands.

After Jahi’s surgery at an Oakland, California hospital, complications arose, and the teen went into cardiac arrest. Three doctors performed tests on the teen separately and agreed that the 13-year-old teen was brain-dead. McMath’s mother, Nailah Winkfield, fought to keep her daughter on life support and eventually moved her to an unnamed New Jersey facility.

The Daily Mail indicates that now Winkfield and her lawyer want Jahi McMath’s brain-dead ruling and the death certificate to be reversed. They believe that the videos they have released show evidence that Jahi is still alive. The lawyer says they have experts willing to testify that the teen’s MRI shows signs of some brain activity.

It seems that if the family wins their case, McMath can then be moved back to California where she would be cared for via state taxpayer money. The family insists, however, that this is not about money.

Was the Jahi McMath brain-dead ruling inaccurate? Other experts are dubious of the videos and claims. Some point out that it is not uncommon for brain-dead patients to have some random movements. Others note that there is no evidence that brain-dead patients can recover.

Whether the family will be successful in their quest to reverse Jahi McMath’s brain-dead ruling remains to be seen, but the videos do propel the story back into the headlines.

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