Is Joe Giudice An Alcoholic? ‘Little Problem With Booze’ Behind Judge’s Suggestion

Joe Giudice might be an alcoholic. The Real Housewives Of New Jersey star admitted that he has a drinking problem, but didn’t really express just how bad that problem is. The confession came during Joe’s sit down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live— the second part which will air on Thursday night on Bravo. According to Radar Online, Joe pretty much explained why Judge Esther Salas suggested that Joe take part in an alcohol treatment program while he is in prison. It all makes total sense now.

“I might have a little problem, yeah — I’m not gonna lie,” Joe told Andy in a teaser from part two of the interview. While RHONJ fans always see Joe having a glass of wine here and there, something else might be going on — something more serious. Obviously a lot of people turn to alcohol when life gets too stressful… but there’s a difference between having a glass of wine with dinner or a bottle of wine at 1 p.m. by yourself (this is just an example; it’s not clear when or what Joe drinks).

Joe Giudice is going to prison for 41 months after his wife, Teresa, serves 15 months behind bars starting in January. Both Teresa and Joe were convicted in a federal fraud case after they lied on several legal documents. They both admitted to confirming mortgage fraud, but the plea deals that they both agreed to had consequences of prison time — and Judge Salas didn’t hold back.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Teresa was shocked by her prison sentence. Although the possibility was clearly detailed in the outline of her plea deal, Teresa told Andy Cohen that she didn’t understand what she agreed to. She thought she was just going to get house arrest, or probation, or anything but jail time.

“I didn’t fully understand it. I thought my lawyer was going to fight for me. I mean that’s what lawyers do. I don’t know. That’s why you hire an attorney. You put it in their hands. I mean, whatever they wanted from me—believe me—I followed their direction. Whatever they wanted, I gave them. I’m not trying to hide anything.”

Joe Giudice likely knew that he was going to go to jail. He has been in trouble with the law before, and he took 100 percent of the blame in the case.

As for Joe and Teresa’s future, the two are still working things out. It seems obvious that their lives as reality television stars are over, but according to Extra, there has not been any decision written in stone just yet. Do you think Bravo will find a way to keep the Giudices on television? It sounds like these two need to take care of themselves and not worry about fame and fortune for once.

[Photo courtesy of Charles Sykes/Bravo]