Bill Maher Sides With Rand Paul And Rages On Against Islam

Bill Maher has been stirring up controversy even more than usual, focusing his fight against religion of Islam. After an exchange between him and Ben Affleck on his show, Bill Maher is still raging on against Muslims, claiming that Islam is the most evil of all the organized belief systems.

But Bill Maher might not be the only one railing against the religion of Islam. According to CNN, Bill Maher recently had a drink with Rand Paul, a noted libertarian with whom Maher shares several views. Rand Paul has been extending a hand to liberals across the country, trying to win their support. It seems Paul might have won over Maher, particularly when it comes to Maher’s views on Islam and foreign policy. Bill Maher recently said on his show that Rand Paul was “interesting” and could possibly earn Bill’s vote.

“He’s great on ending the empire, not getting into any more foreign entanglements,” Bill Maher said of Paul. “I’m even to the left of him on the bombing (of ISIS); he wants to keep bombing ISIS, I want us to stop bombing altogether.”

However, there are issues beyond Islamic extremists that Bill Maher and Rand Paul do not see eye-to-eye on, such as the environment. Maher recently explained in an interview with Salon how the two of them differ.

“I had drinks with him about two weeks ago. He’s a nice guy, he’s a smart guy. My big problem is I asked him about the environment, which is my big issue,” said Maher. “He had made a comment that was very similar to what Dick Cheney said about a month or two ago, which was basically, ‘Why are we talking the environment when ISIS is out there?’ I said, ‘Senator, y’know, you sounded just like Dick Cheney.'”

While virtually every American condemns the actions of the ISIS, most seem to understand that Maher’s hatred of Islam should only pertain to violent extremists. But according to Maher, his opposition to Islam stems from certain parts of the Quran which specify the death penalty for non-believers.

Time magazine has been publishing several editorial pieces against Bill Maher’s vocal battle against Islam, claiming that the Western world does not have a monopoly on liberal views–as Maher seems to suggest. In other words, Muslims are certainly capable of progressive thought, something Maher rarely considers. Time cites the thousands of Muslim women fighting for equal rights and the Islamic religious leaders speaking out against violence and in support of minorities.

What do you think about Bill Maher’s opinion of Islam?

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