Jessie J Wrote ‘Amazing’ Justin Bieber A Letter Of Support But Didn’t Send It

Justin Bieber and Jessie J? We’ve never connected the pair either. But it seems the soul singer with the big voice has a big heart too.

It turns out Jessie wrote a letter to Justin amid his various legal cases involving paparazzi and other exploits, which basically said she was available as a friendly ear if and when the heartthrob needed one.

After Justin’s egg-tastic kick-off to 2014 and his many arrests, the Canadian has received something of a media battering as well as criticism from celebrities such as Seth Rogen and D-lister Drake Bell, among many.

But Jessie J takes a different view, and instead has sympathy for a 20-year-old superstar under relentless scrutiny.

Speaking to the UK’s The Sun, the 26-year-old songstress told the newspaper: “I just felt like it was my duty. I hand-wrote it, old school. I was just like ‘I’m here, you’re amazing.'”

Continuing, the “Price Tag” singer said, “He’s young and he’s got so much pressure on him.”

Referring to Bieber’s difficult relationship with the paparazzi, who track him everywhere, Jessie noted,

“It’s easy for people to comment when he’s having a photo taken of him, but you don’t see what we see.”

“When it’s just a picture of us,” she elaborated. “You’re not seeing the hundreds of people pushing you, kicking you and hurling abuse at you.”

It sounds like Jessie J’s letter would have heartening for Justin, if he’d received it that is.

The brunette went on to tell the paper she didn’t send the letter in the end, as she thought it might be seen as over-stepping since she doesn’t know Justin.

She explained: “I just didn’t think it was my place. I know people who know him, so I could have got it (the letter) to him. But instead I just made sure his people knew I was available to speak to me, as I have been to many artists.”

Regardless of Jessie J not sending her words of support, it’s refreshing to see a celebrity offering a friendly ear to someone who could do with it.

Meanwhile, although he’s traveling the world, the “Confident” singer took to Twitter earlier Tuesday to announce he has “Shaved the monster,” while including a link to a selfie of his ‘stache-less face.

Obviously, it’s a big improvement. But don’t hold your breath thinking Justin’s gossamer rash won’t make a comeback.

Justin Bieber

(Photo via Justin Bieber Shots: “Shaved the monster.”)

It was only last month the pop star (virtually) invited millions to watch him shave off his last sparse, spurt of facial hair.

“Should I do it?” Justin asked at the time in an Instagram video, showing him and a pal in a bathroom with a razor at the ready. After smothering his face with shaving cream, El Biebs introduced a little theater and whispered to-camera “R.I.P ‘stache” just before the deed.

When — not if — Justin’s mustache does return, we may have to make like Jessie J and do some letter writing too.

And if that should happen, it would get sent.

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