Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Done? Kissing Pic, Alleged Comment Suggests Not

The fascination and the fury that is Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s relationship might not be over. As in, not done.

There’s a newly posted — then deleted — kissing pic and an alleged comment by Bieber defending his “love” for Gomez to pore over.

What’s that? You’ve seen it all before and couldn’t care less? And yet, we’re here. Talking Jelena. Again.

On Sunday, Justin shared a non-captioned, black and white snap on Instagram of Selena tenderly kissing his left shoulder from behind. From the backdrop, it looks like it was during their romantic break in St. Martin last month.

Jelena Instagram

(Photo: Justin Bieber posted then deleted a kissing photo of Selena Gomez on Sunday, October 5.)

The Biebs deleted it around 40 or so minutes after posting. But before he did, he allegedly left a note in the comments section, saying,

“I hate seeing mean ass comments about the woman I love. We’re young and we argue and fight like every other couple. But we laugh and cry and relate with one another on a different level.”

Allegedly adding, “Who knows what the future holds, but at least don’t fill my timeline with nonsense.”

Bieber’s alleged retort was copied and posted on a Selena Gomez fans’ Twitter account, but it’s not possible to confirm whether the comment was genuinely posted by him as the original post has gone.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: screengrab of Bieber’s alleged and later deleted comment.)

A recap: a video surfaced of Jelena evidently giving each other the big chill at an airport in St. Maarten on Monday, September 29, just before arriving in Paris for Fashion Week.

During their Paris visit, Selena wasn’t snapped once with Justin, despite going to a starry fashion party together last Tuesday.

The general thinking is Selena didn’t appreciate the Biebs taking supermodel pal Kendall Jenner to dinner just hours before that bash, even though a video of their meet looked like two friends catching up.

When Gomez returned to Los Angeles on Wednesday (while her beau remained behind in the City of Light), she unfollowed Justin on Instagram later that day after punching out two cryptic tweets.

One of which read, “Sometimes we think we aren’t good enough. But then I realize when I think I’m alone I have God.”

Fast forward to Justin’s latest, post-then-delete of Selena.

Is the Canadian singer trying to win back his “most elegant princess”? Or, has everyone jumped the shark and the couple have just been arguing but did did not actually split up?

It looks like we’re back to that old conundrum: are they or aren’t they? Which is, perhaps, just how Jelena prefers it.

Some commentators have brought up Raven-Symone’s recent remarks to Oprah Winfrey, slamming young stars whose personal lives are constantly in the tabloids.

However, while she made a good point, to be fair there is an awful lot of nonsense that’s written about Justin and Selena in the media that is clearly false.

Is it any wonder sometimes Bieber felt like setting the record straight with an Instagram pic (and alleged comment), to seemingly tell the world it’s not over ’til Jelena specifically says it is?


[Images via popcrush.com/Instagram.]

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