Michigan Police Officer Gives Mother Something More Impactful Than A Ticket

It seems that police officers have been getting a lot of negative publicity across the media lately. However, a Michigan police officer is getting attention for a good deed that he performed last week and the positive impression that it left on the offender.

Officer Ben Hall, from Emmett Township, Michigan, stopped a young lady after receiving a call regarding a child riding in a vehicle without a car seat. The driver, Alexis DeLorenzo knew she was in the wrong and openly admitted that she simply could not afford the car seat. Under normal circumstances, DeLorenzo would have been ticketed for the violation. Due to her admittedly “hard times,” the ticket would have only set her back more, resulting in a longer period before she could get a car seat for her daughter.

Realizing this, Officer Ben Hall opted to order her to the local Walmart, where he would purchase the car seat for her.

“A ticket doesn’t solve the situation. What solves it, is the child being in a booster seat like she she should be. Easiest $50 I ever spent.”

The gesture left Alexis DeLorenzo speechless, but also made her remember that there are people out in the world that care for others and want to help, not hinder.

“I’m really almost at a loss for words because he really didn’t have to do that.”

To Officer Hall, there really wasn’t a choice to give a ticket. He realized that forcing her to pay extra money that she did not have would not have solved the situation and that he, or one of his colleagues, would have been forced to pull her over and ticket her again for the same situation. So, he reacted to the situation and did what he could to make it right. The car seat may have only cost the Michigan police officer $50, but the life it potentially saved is priceless in comparison.

Small gestures, like the purchase of the car seat, leave a lasting impression on those that are on the receiving end. Even if only a smile and a wave, compassion goes a long way. DeLorenzo has felt the impact and plans to pay it forward when she is back on her feet.

“It changed my life. I’m never going to forget him. And neither will my daughter.”

With so much police negativity in the news, it is hard to remember that they are the good guys on the streets, but Officer Hall has made a huge stride to change that with the single act of kindness.

[Photo Courtesy: Wood TV]

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