The Rock Flirts With Lana And Takes Out Rusev On WWE Monday Night Raw (VIDEO)

The Rock definitely shook things up for WWE Monday Night Raw – including physically overpowering rising WWE star Rusev.

Wearing his famous “JUST BRING IT” shirt, The Rock was able to trade quite a few words in the center of the ring with Rusev and his lovely lady/promoter Lana.

Before digging into Rusev’s ego, The Rock (also known as actor Dwayne Johnson) was able to spend a few moments honoring Lana’s beauty (after saying that she needs “to stop dressing like a Soviet streetwalker) in a way that only The Rock could – with a crowd-pleasing punchline that was completely unexpected, yet highly appreciated.

“Lana, in person, you’re beautiful. I know, right?! I mean it. You are stunning. You’re gorgeous. Lana, in person, you are (as we say here in America) sssssmoking!”

And the punchline…

“But it’s too bad you’re walking around here like somebody shoved a Smirnoff bottle up your Putin!”

The Rock was also able to please the crowd with such popular catchphrases as “It doesn’t matter” and “Can you smell what the Rock is cookin’?” at different points during his impressive speech in the ring.

Perhaps one of the most crowd-pleasing moments of the entire night was when The Rock (in response to Lana using a Vladimir Putin quote) quoted hip-hop mogul Jay-Z – “Allow me to reintroduce myself.”

After taking a few moments to introduce himself, The Rock then immediately jumped into a brutal surprise attack that quickly knocked Rusev right out of the ring. Even after several moments of taunting, Rusev remained outside of the ring and did not get back inside for seconds.

Many WWE fans have been eagerly anticipating WWE Monday Night Raw this week – especially with the rumors that have been circulating over the past week about The Rock making a surprise appearance.

Any doubt or uncertainty about The Rock showing up for WWE Monday Night Raw was eliminated when he posted this tweet on his official Twitter page shortly before the broadcast.

Expectations were high tonight and The Rock did not disappoint – especially when he showed up ready for battle.

Now, only time will tell what this means for The Rock because appearing on WWE Monday Night Raw could mean absolutely nothing. It could have just been a one-time thing since Dwayne Johnson was in town and wanted to prove that he was still beloved by wrestling fans. On the other hand, his appearance could mean that there is a major WWE battle currently in the works behind the scenes which has yet to be revealed.

What do you think? Was The Rock’s appearance tonight a foreshadowing moment of things to come or just a one-time publicity stunt to boost ratings for Monday Night Raw?

[Image Credit: WWE]