The Full Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday Is a Rare Blood Moon

There will be a very rare full lunar eclipse this coming Wednesday producing the second Blood Moon of the year.

October’s full moon, known as the Hunter’s Moon, will be on Wednesday, October 8, and it will be the second Blood Moon of 2014. What will make this full moon so rare is that there will be a full lunar eclipse Wednesday- not just a full lunar eclipse, either, but what lucky viewers will get to witness is something often referred to as the impossible eclipse. The selenelion or horizontal eclipse will make both the sun and the moon visible on both horizons for one brief moment in time, something that should normally be impossible given that each body will be at exactly 180 degree angle from one another.

A full lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon line up in such a way that the Earth is in between the two, blocking the Sun’s light from reaching the moon. A tiny little bit of light, however, manages to creep around the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere to reach the Moon during the full lunar eclipse, creating the spectacular sight known as the Blood Moon.

The full lunar eclipse will begin in the wee early hours of Wednesday morning, around 6:25 a.m. EST. The window for seeing both celestial bodies during the full lunar eclipse will be very narrow, between only two and nine minutes. Those who can get in a position to see both the Eastern and Western horizons simultaneously will have the best viewing during the full lunar eclipse.

Not only will this full moon eclipse produce the magnificent Blood Moon and the rare selenelion eclipse, but Wednesday will mark the second full lunar eclipse that has happened this year as the first full lunar eclipse occurred on April 15 of this year. Two more full lunar eclipses will follow next year; one in April and the last one in September. This series of four consecutive total lunar eclipses is known as a Tetrad and will not happen again until 2032.

Interestingly enough, for astrology buffs, Wednesday’s total lunar eclipse also happens while Mercury is in retrograde. While this unusual series of full lunar eclipses has some, like Pastor John Hagee, predicting the end times, others are taking full advantage of the energies that are brewing with the full lunar eclipse. And others still are sitting setting their alarm clocks to get up for the amazing show in the sky during the full lunar eclipse.

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