Katy Perry Love Letter For Sale?! Here's The Catch - It's Almost 20 Years Old

A Katy Perry love letter - how much would you be willing to pay for it?

Perhaps most Katy Perry fans would love to have a love letter written by Katy Perry recently - such as within the past few months or even the past few years.

However, not very many people can say that they have a Katy Perry love letter from nearly 20 years ago! That is exactly what Julien's Live is banking on - especially since the online auction company recently put a love letter written by Katy Perry back in 1995 up for bid.

The letter is addressed to Christopher Villar. According to a report confirmed by Radar Online, Katy Perry and Christopher Villar became friends at camp and continued to see one another at various evangelical events and rallies that both of their families attended.

Based on the wording of the letter, it seems as if Katy Perry wrote it as a response to a letter that Christopher sent to her.

It was apparently clear that the young Katy Perry wanted to be a lot more than just friends or Sunday School classmates with Christopher Villar. If that point is not made 100% obvious by the numerous stickers that were used to accessorize the letter, the handwritten words literally got the message across.

"Thank you for that charming note. I know I'm a girl and writing to a boy seems silly, but oh well. It's very pretty in California."
It is also clear that Katy Perry loved bad boys even back then during her puberty stages.
"I hope you have a good time getting your black belt."
But Katy still wanted to make sure that Christopher knew she was going to work on improving herself and embracing her own physical beauty.
"Oh, I forgot to tell you [I'm] going to modeling school! Probably? Well gots to go!"
As if her subtle implications were not clear enough, Katy Perry even took the additional steps necessary to confirm her feelings with a post-script message.
"P.S. I like you alot! Write back a.s.a.p."
If you are interested in bidding on this love letter written by 10-year old Katy Perry during her bloom of youth, the starting bid is set at $300. According to the auction website, this 19-year old love letter written by Katy Perry is estimated to sell for between $600 and $800 by the time the auction finally comes to a close.

One can only wonder, "How in the world did these people find a love letter written by Katy Perry in the first place - especially one from the mid-90s?"