ISIS Terrorists Disguised As Refugees Allegedly Entering Europe For Mass Terror Attacks

As the war against ISIS in Syria and Iraq intensifies, with U.S.-led airstrikes on the Islamic State increasing, the terror group is allegedly sending its militants into Western Europe, disguised as refugees in order to carry out a trojan horse-type campaign against the war on terror.

Bild, the German newspaper broke the story, reporting that U.S. intelligence had intercepted and decoded messages pertaining to the plot. Bild reported, according to the International Business Times, that a source told them that ISIS were moving away from plans to hijack airlines, and instead are looking for a new strategy of terror.

According to the report, ISIS fighters, disguised as refugees, would use fake passports once in Turkey to reach Western European destinations with the hopes of carrying out mass terror attacks.

The Bild report noted, “In view of the chaotic conditions on the Syria-Turkey border, it is nearly impossible to catch ISIS terrorists in the wave of refugees.”

Due to the fact that the Syrian-Turkish border isn’t very secure, thousands of refugees have already passed into Europe as a result of being displaced by the war in Syria.

The report comes as ISIS stand on the verge of capturing Kobani, a Kurdish town on the Turkish border, which is being defended tooth and nail by the YPG (Syrian-Kurdish militia).

Many fear that ISIS will carry out a mass slaughter of Kurds in the town if they capture it, much like they did to the ancient Yazdis in the Iraqi town of Sinjar earlier this year.

Approximately 150,000 civilians have already fled their homes as a result of the ISIS onslaught, with American air strikes hindering but not stopping ISIS from proceeding.

Esmat al-Sheikh, head of the Kobani Defence Authority, said, “If they enter, it will be a graveyard for us and for them. We either win or die. We will resist to the end.”

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