‘Castle’ Spoilers: ‘Montreal’ Brings Leads, More Questions Regarding Rick’s Disappearance

Season 7 of Castle has now started, and fans seem to have mixed feelings about what has transpired so far. Rick has been found, but he has amnesia, and Beckett isn’t sure what to believe. The high-anticipated wedding is on hold, and nobody is quite sure just what led to Rick’s disappearance. Episode 2 of the new season airs on ABC on Monday, October 6, and fans are anxious for some Castle spoilers. What can viewers expect?

TVLine shares the Castle spoilers that the mysterious “Henry Jenkins” is back in Monday’s episode, which is titled “Montreal.” Jenkins knows more than he has revealed regarding Rick and the time he was missing, but Jenkins is not exactly sharing what he knows, He has some kind of history with Castle, but little beyond that has been revealed. Some of the tidbits and hints mentioned in the Season 7 premiere will come up again this week, but the mystery will take a while to play out.

The Castle spoiler synopsis via TV Guide teases that Rick will be working on his own to figure out what was behind his disappearance, and there is danger ahead. In addition to that investigation, Beckett will work on solving a toy company CEO’s murder.

The show’s Facebook page shares additional Castle spoilers and previews. When Rick is challenged during a television interview that his disappearance may have been a publicity stunt, he pushes back. He offers up $250,000 to anybody who can provide verifiable proof regarding where he was and what was going on during the time he was missing.

Another preview shows Gates questioning Castle, as it seems he gave out the station’s phone number on the television show. She’s not happy with the chaos he’s caused, and he does something a bit unorthodox. He lays a kiss on a stunned Gates as he excitedly notes that now he’s got leads to pursue.

How long will it be before viewers find out what Castle’s disappearance was all about? It sounds as if that may take a while yet, but fans are hoping it won’t be strung along for too long. The premiere and twist of Rick’s amnesia have brought mixed reactions from fans, and many will be curious to see where this is all headed.

Tune in to the Season 7, Episode 2 show of Castle titled “Montreal” airing on Monday, October 6 on ABC to see just where things are headed.

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