Female Kurdish Suicide Bomber Kills ISIS Militants To Defend Kobani

As ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, continues its assault on the city of Kobani along the Syrian-Turkish border, a desperate female Kurdish suicide bomber blew herself up on Monday, killing an unconfirmed number of ISIS fighters.

The attack came as ISIS forces attempted to storm Kobani, while Kurdish militia repelled the advance, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Rami Abdel Rahman from the Observatory told reporters that at least 20 ISIS fighters had been killed in overnight fighting, following an ambush by the Kurdish YPG (The People’s Protection Units) as ISIS entered Kobani.

“The Kurds, who are prepared for urban warfare, attacked them with bullets and bombs,” he said.

On Sunday night, ISIS took a strategic part of Mishtenur Hill, which overlooks the Kurdish city, although U.S.-led air strikes slowed the advance of the Jihadist militants and prevented them from gaining any further ground.

Even though the air strikes are helpful, they are not enough to stop ISIS from taking Kobani, hence the resistance from the YPG.

Having been under relentless attack from ISIS fighters for the past three weeks, Kobani has become the center of the international battlefield against the Jihadists, who just released a video showing the beheading of yet another captive, Alan Henning from the U.K.

The ISIS offensive on Kobani, which started on September 16, prompted a mass exodus from the town and surrounding countryside, with some 186,000 people fleeing into neighboring Turkey.

Turkey is also set to join the fight to stop ISIS, after the Obama administration pulled together a coalition of partners in their war on terror, including western countries and Arab states.

On Sunday, for example, the region saw its first air strikes from Belgium as well as maiden combat sorties by Australia and The Netherlands. Britain, France and Denmark have also joined the fray, committing aircraft and support to the Kurdish forces at the forefront of the fight to stop ISIS.

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