Girl Goes Hungry At School: Student’s Lunch Thrown In Trash, Shocking Policy For High School Kids Uncovered

A girl goes hungry at her school after her meal was thrown away in the trash in front of her. A shocking school district policy in Tulsa regarding lunches was uncovered by the student’s mother, Robbye Goddard. She tells FOX23 that the lunch policy needs to change.

After Goddard’s daughter got her plate of food to sit down and eat in the cafeteria, a lunch server threw it out in the trash. Goddard says her daughter’s lunch was already paid for, but due to an alleged technical issue with their computer system erasing records from their database, the school refused the student lunch that day unless she paid the full price. She was already eligible for reduced-priced lunches.

Goddard is disgusted with the way the school handled their daughter’s situation. Instead of letting the girl go hungry, they could have compromised in a more sympathetic way, she says.

“What would it hurt, even if there was a glitch in the system, for her to take her name, take her money, ya know, write it down and let her eat?”

According to the principal at Memorial High School, there was no computer glitch. She wrote Fox 23 a message about the incident.

“An upset parent called the school about her daughter not getting to eat because her free and reduced lunch form had not been processed.”

The principal adds that they expected some unhappy parents due to the application deadline for reduced or free lunches.

“… There might be many upset students and parents that did not get their applications in on time.”

Goddard says her daughter has been approved for free and reduced lunch since the day school began. She learned that school administrators weren’t pleased with the lunch server’s conduct, either.

According to the meeting she had with the principal and administrators, they’re taking a closer look at the policy of throwing food away in front of children. Goddard learned a shocking policy she read in writing; the school district allows high school students to go hungry if enough money isn’t in their lunch accounts.

“According to this, at the high school level no charges are allowed at all and no alternative meals are given. That concerns me — our high school students are just as important as our students as other grade levels.”

Goddard met with the principal and school officials last Friday, KRMG 102.3 reports. Hopefully the school’s lunch policy will change after a girl went hungry due to a misunderstanding.

[Image via Fox 23]

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