WWE: Triple H Will Make NXT Bigger Than RAW? WWE Network Championship Predicted Already

According to writers at the WWE, Triple H has a real chance at making NXT as big as Monday Night RAW within the next several years. Already, the invention of a WWE Network Championship is being predicted, and a potential winner from the NXT declared.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, former WWE superstar Ricardo Rodriguez, who was best known for being Alberto del Rio’s personal ring announcer, is claiming that Triple H is racist towards Hispanics, and allegedly has stories to back up the accusation.

While Triple H has managed to gather potential stars like Kevin Steen, Prince Devitt, and KENTA together to form a roster that has a chance at competing with RAW and SmackDown, it’s said that out of all the NXT developmental wrestlers, Dylan Miley has the biggest potential for being the next big thing. Combine that with the fact that Kurt Angle told the world that Triple H is essentially running the WWE, then you have multiple factors that play in favor for the NXT being given a big push in the next several years.

The writers at WWE.com agree that Triple H will attempt to make NXT as big as RAW, and they believe by 2019 this goal will be met.

“Triple H has stated that he sees NXT growing from WWE’s developmental territory into a brand that can compete with WWE’s main roster. With time to cultivate some of the best young talent from the independent scene and abroad, along with athletes from outside the industry willing to learn the mat game at the WWE Performance Center, the high-octane action of NXT will definitely give Raw and SmackDown a run for its money in five years.”

Considering that everything is scripted by WWE creative, down to every little painful detail, you almost have to wonder if they’re feeling out for a reaction from the fans to see if the WWE Universe might support various ideas. For example, WWE.com is also predicting management will create a title called the WWE Network Championship, and have that title defended exclusively on the WWE Network. The idea is that the biggest WWE superstars in both the WWE and NXT will compete in a tournament for the WWE Network Championship belt. It’s also possible the WWE.com writers are trolling the WWE Universe a bit since they’re already declaring the first champion will be Mr. Selfie Tyler Breeze.

Of course, both of these predictions rely on the idea that the biggest NXT superstars will be allowed to stay within the WWE rather than be pulled into the WWE main roster. Already, there is talk that KENTA may eventually be yanked out of NXT in the future, which is something Triple H may or may not support. Still, it does make sense that a push for the NXT is coming; the WWE management really does need to justify a major reason for WWE Network subscribers to keep signing up so they reach that magical one million subscribers mark, where they become profitable again.

This idea also resembles the days when the rosters for Monday Night RAW and SmackDown were separate and they competed against each other for dominance. If the NXT is kept as a separate WWE brand, this creates internal competition to improve the product, and may also allow for more interesting story lines.

Do you think Triple H could ever make the NXT as big as Monday Night RAW for the WWE? Would a WWE Network Championship cause you to sign up for the price of $9.99?

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