WWE News: Triple H Racist? Former WWE Superstar Reveals That The COO Might Be Towards Hispanics

This year has not been favorable for the WWE, and that is because of circumstances happening against the most prominent professional wrestling organization in the world. Ranging from the underwhelming performance of the WWE Network to the issues with CM Punk, it seems that WWE can’t get a break. However, the problem WWE has been facing presently are accusations of racism. The Inquisitr reported on such accusations such as former WWE superstar Alberto del Rio promising that the accusations will be made known. WWE countered him by reinstating a new “Nation of Domination” stable.

However, it now seems that Alberto del Rio’s words has come full circle as another former WWE superstar reveals that Triple H, the COO of the WWE, is possibly racist to Hispanics.

According to Wrestlezone, former WWE superstar Ricardo Rodriguez – who is known for being Alberto del Rio’s personal ring announcer – was recently a guest on Busted Open radio show with Doug Mortman and Dave Lagreca. A variety of topics were covered during the show, but one that seemed to stand out was the following statement by Rodriguez as written below.

“I am a little bigger; I am not fat by all means. With my lucha background, I can do flips, front flips, back flips, 450?s, shooting stars, and all that (explicative); Yeah so when I was working with the tryouts and being extras. We would do spots and I would flip around and take bumps like a clothesline and shooting stars. Triple H would call me a bumblebee; I was in Puerto Rico not too long ago and I saw Savio Vega and he used to call him a bumblebee and then I found out he called Super Crazy a bumblebee. He was a referring to an American guy doing flips. He would always make this comment about me being Mexican and Del Rio being Mexican. I and Del Rio use to call ourselves stupid names but when someone else would call us those names we would go whoa hold the (explicative) up.”

The Examiner followed up in which they recognized the undertones of racism present in the WWE pertaining to their Latino stars. Certain present happenings with Latinos still on the WWE roster might shine some truth on the matter. Los Matadores hasn’t been featured in some time despite being central to one of the best matches seen at a WWE pay-per-views (WeeLC Match). Rey Mysterio is reportedly trying to opt out of his contract by refusing to cash in his WWE paychecks.

To be fair, this is only Ricardo Rodriguez’s side of the story. Nothing has been reported on behalf of Triple H. Still, now that you’ve read the news about Triple H possibly being racist towards Hispanics, what is your opinion? Please let everyone know in the comments below.

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