New RAZR: Would You Be Interested in a Droid RAZR?

Hands up if you didn’t have one of these ubiquitous, at the time cutting edge phones in the mid-noughties. Anyone?

The Motorola RAZR was an iconic techie item, mostly killed off by the emergence of the smartphone due to its limited capabilities- talk, text and some rudimentary web browsing. But when they were new, RAZRs were sleek, slick and stylish. So it is interesting that in an age of blocky, tiny-computer-eque phones, ailing Motorola is introducing a new RAZR to the smartphone-saturated current cell phone market.

Motorola Mobility Chief Executive Sanjay Jha spoke to Forbes about the decision to bring back the RAZR, and why the company is so sure the new RAZR will work with an iPhone-accustomed customer base. Jha cites three points of similarity between the original, bestselling RAZR and the new RAZR being introduced by Motorola.

As per its name, both the new and old RAZR models were predicated on being slimmer and sleeker than most phones available alongside them. The new RAZR, like its predecessors, will be quite thin. Another defining feature, according to Jha, is “metallic-ness,” referring to the phone’s signature metal-y finish. The new RAZR Droids will utilize materials like Kevlar to achieve sufficient “metallic-ness.”

The third similarity, says Jha, is a large, bright screen. While Samsung and LG have droids on the market with larger displays, he notes, the Super AMOLED Advanced display has a “higher contrast ratio and richer color saturation,” creating a large screen feel. Jha concludes:

“There are fundamental facts that support [both devices having] the RAZR brand,” said Jha. “We knew there would not be a dissonance [with the Droid RAZR name].”

Do you miss your trusty old RAZR?