Deconstructing The Twitter

From our special correspondent, Fake Steve Gillmor.

Today we get the latest full ongoing back-filling explanation of Twitter. The idea that Twitter was created in seven days by FriendFeed is one of several XMPP bone scans currently being pursued. In a post modern deconstruction this afternoon, God confirms a birds nest and tree makes little Twitters. FriendFeed makes only small demands on the tree, but balances this with sunshine and soil

Others suggest that evolution was an important part of Twitter. To summize the concept, from small ameobas, big Twitters grow…or was that a Beatles song? Combine evolutionary XMPP over IM to create soaring eagles over the battlefields of Iraq. The American Eagle, splendid in its foreign policy disaster habitat.

A work-around for the limitation of the Twitter is to add pizza. Pizza creates big birds, and Sesame Street has been going nearly 30 years, compared to Twitter’s 30 minutes, at least at the time of writing. The rain in Spain falls mainly at 164 South Park, San Francisco.

Firehoses make great fountains for the Twitter. The data of water breathes life to the restless bird, allowing it to soar again over the hippy alternatives from north of the border. Blame Canada isn’t just a song book from a television series of the same address.

Translated: peanut butter. It tastes good, particularly smeared on roasted bird.

Tracks rock the bird as well, like they rocked Bowie’s seminal Pin Up’s in 73. I still remember the day the album was released on 8 Track, as I’m sure many of you reading this well. The album summed up Twitter well: I Wish You Would (work), Everything’s Alright (the pingdom song), I Can’t Explain (why we are down), Friday on My Mind (pass the bong), Sorrow (Bezos kicked our asses), Don’t Bring Me Down, Shapes of Things (to come)…Where Have All the Good Times Gone.

Despite Twitter’s best efforts to restrict access to spammers, BarakObama314 continues, a duck is shot in the woods, and nobody hears it. The Chinese have joined the space race, and Wal-Mart is sponsoring the moon mission. Let Carl Sagan truly summize the meaning of the Twitter, in this incredible video from the youtubes.

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