Natalie Dylan Bunny Ranch Virginity Auction Hits $3.7 Million

What price a virgin? Millions? That’s the price being offered in an auction run by infamous Nevada brothel The Bunny Ranch for the virginity of 22 year old Natalie Dylan.

Dylan (not her real name) came up with the idea after she learned that her sister had worked for three weeks as a prostitute in order to pay for college. Here’s where it gets better: Dylan has a degree in Woman’s Studies, and as well as paying off student loans wants to use the money to study a Masters in Psychology so she can…wait for it…. practice family psychology.

The winning bidder (there’s been 10,000 bids so far, so they claim) will get to enjoy Natalie Dylan’s favors at the Bunny Ranch. Dylan has undergone a polygraph test and is willing to undergo a medical exam to prove her sexual status to the satisfaction of the winning bidder.

While we’ll concede that she’s a little bit hot, $3.7 million…. cccccccccrazy.

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