Woman Caught Stealing From Cars Says She Was ‘Looking For ISIS Terrorists’

The fight against ISIS has now reached as far as a high school parking lot in Moss Point, Mississippi. That is, if the claims of a woman caught allegedly robbing students’ cars is to be believed.

Police found 41-year-old Lisa Carol Roche of Hurley, Mississippi, allegedly breaking into students’ cars at East Central High School, where her children attend, according to The Blaze. Police allege that she was stealing sunglasses and other personal items, but Ms. Roche’s story was that she was hunting for ISIS militants. Because apparently ISIS militants are now hanging out in the cars of high school students in the rural Mississippi gulf-area town of Moss Point.

Probably *NOT* ISIS Militants
Probably *NOT* ISIS Militants

Jackson County Sherriff’s Department spokesperson Cherie Ward said that it is unlikely that there are ISIS militants hiding in parked cars at a high school, according to The Sun-Herald.

“There is no merit to the woman’s claim.”

This is not Ms. Roche’s first brush with the law; she was previously been arrested for felony embezzlement, felony burglary, and careless driving (a misdemeanor), according to the Sun-Herald. Following her failed ISIS militant hunt/car-robbing spree, she was booked into the Jackson County Adult Detention Center, charged with commercial robbery of a vehicle. She faces up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. That is, unless her claim that ISIS militants are hiding in high school students’ cars is true, in which case she’ll likely be called a hero and given the key to the city.

The Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria — or ISIS — has taken control of large swaths of the Middle East, and is carrying out a gruesome campaign of kidnappings and beheadings. At least one American — 30-year-old Mufid A. Elfgeeh of Rochester, New York, according to this Inquisitr report — has been charged with providing material support to ISIS. No ISIS agents are known to be operating out of high schools in rural Mississippi as of this post.

According to the school’s website, East Central High School was consolidated in 1959, and maintains an average of about 800 students. Go Hornets! As of this post, it is not known to have graduated any ISIS militants.

Do you feel the need to go hunting for ISIS militants at your town’s high school? Let us know what you think below.

[Images courtesy of: Gulf Live,East Central High School]

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