‘Top Cat’ Adopts Aging, Blind Dog In Most Adorable Inter-Species Friendship Ever

If you love animals as much as we do, then you probably also find stories of inter-species friendships among the most touching animal tales of all. There’s just something extra-cute about two completely different types of animals, who often would be natural enemies, caring for and loving one another.

Maybe at some level, we humans see these pure-hearted animals as examples of what we, ourselves, should and could be — but all-too-often are not.

The Inquisitr has brought you quite a few inter-species friendship stories in recent months — including this hilarious video of an annoying monkey and a sleepy cat, and this odd but heartwarming story of a dachshund who acts as a dentist to an aging lion.

But the story in this video may be the most touching inter-species friendship story we’ve come across so far.

An excerpt from the recent NatGeo special documentary, The Secret Life of Cats, this clip tells the true tale of Pudditat, a stray cat whose adoptive owner describes him as a “Top Cat” who likes to “bully around” other kitties.

But Pudditat found a soft spot in his heart for Terval, a 14-year-old black lab who is not only a dog, but a blind dog. Terval’s blindness resulted from horrendous abuse when he was just a puppy, so the poor guy — who is also hard of hearing — doesn’t like to leave his couch.

Or at least, he didn’t until Pudditat showed up on the scene. Somehow, instinctively, Pudditat knew exactly what Terval needed, and now acts not only as the dog’s best friend, but as his eyes and ears as well.

We don’t want to give away much more of this super-sweet inter-species friendship story, so please watch the video and think about what we as people can learn from these two good-hearted animal buddies.

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