WWE: Sting Match ‘On The Horizon,’ Royal Rumble 2015 Likely Based Upon Backstage News

Sting’s WWE match may finally be “on the horizon,” based upon an official release straight from Sting himself. But another backstage rumor claims to have even more details on the date. We should expect for Sting to make it official, and it seems likely Royal Rumble 2015 might be the earliest expected date.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, as disappointing as this sounds, when WWE fans asked Mark Calaway about Sting Vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31, he simply shrugged and seemed to have no opinion on the matter, even indicating that he might not event attend WrestleMania at all! There’s also a rumor going around that Sting Vs. Bray Wyatt may be a potential match.

If Sting’s WWE match is commonly known backstage, then apparently the wrestlers are under orders to keep it hushed up. For example, Bad News Barrett was recently interviewed by Sportskeeda, and he seemed to indicate a match will happen, but couldn’t say when.

“Who knows? I’ve never actually met Sting, I’ve never seen him backstage in WWE or anything like that, and I don’t know what his plans are. I’ve heard rumours that he wants to have one last match, and he wants it to be in the WWE. I think it is almost inevitable that this is going to happen at some point. Who his opponent will be, I’ve no idea though. It would need to be a big, big match. I am a fan of his… But, yeah I think we might get to see him in the wrestling ring very soon in the WWE.”

Earlier in the evening, Sting himself dropped this obvious little hint on Facebook about his schedule, saying, “New York next month. Event bigger news on the horizon.”

As previously noted by The Inquisitr, “[I]n this case, next month refers to The Big Event Seven being held on November 8, 2014 at Laguardia Plaza Hotel. While it may be jumping to conclusions, the only ‘bigger news’ that seems logical is a WWE match, but it’s still an open question on which wrestler that will be, or if ‘on the horizon’ means a closer PPV event like Royal Rumble 2015.”

Otherwise, the only other rumor about Sting’s WWE schedule comes from Reddit user MetsFan4Ever, who claimed to be an employee of the WWE. For obvious reasons, he’s never revealed exactly who he is in real life, but his status as a WWE insider is also claimed to be verified by leaked show scripts and correct WWE news. In the case of Sting, MetsFan4Ever claims the WWE management has not officially set a date, but it’s likely to be after January of 2015.

“No official date as of yet. Actually, I don’t think he’ll be around anytime soon. The end of January at the earliest.”

The “end of January” is always Royal Rumble. Assuming that’s the case, it seems even less likely the match would be with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 31, although now that The Streak is defeated, it’s possible the WWE may break their usual pattern in that regard.

Which WWE Superstar do you want Sting to take on for his WWE match?

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