Police Officer Performs Miracle, Saves Toddler By Performing CPR While Driving

A police officer saved a 22-month-old boy’s life by doing CPR while driving to the hospital.

The 22-month-old boy Matthew had a seizure and collapsed. The boy was not breathing while the police officer stopped the car.

“Don’t take for granted what you have, because it can be over in the blink of an eye,” said Matt Morgan, the father of the son.

Police officer Patrick Hildenbrand pulled Morgan over for speeding.

“I was going and then he hit his lights and then as soon as I seen that I stopped and I ran to his car. You get through traffic a lot faster,” Morgan said.

“He has a young boy in his hands and he’s running at me, yelling at me, his son is not breathing. ‘I think my son is dead, my son is not breathing,'” Officer Hildenbrand said.

What happens next is nothing short of miraculous. The police officer proceeded to drive to the hospital while performing CPR on the boy.

“I reached my hand back here as I’m driving, moved my body over and started doing all the compressions and feeling for a pulse while I could still operate the vehicle,” Hildenbrand said.

Morgan was in the back of the police SUV and witnessed the whole thing.

This is not the only miraculous thing the police have done recently. According to an earlier report from the Inquisitr, several police officers helped rescue a dog trapped on a highway ledge 32-feet above busy traffic.

Officer Hildenbrand told Eyewitness News that his instincts and medical/police training helped him do what he did. He doesn’t consider himself a hero, but the physicians, the father, and the boy say otherwise.

“I really don’t think this child would be here today if it wasn’t for those efforts. I think the key is when you can start rescue CPR out in the community it certainly, the earlier you start it the better outcomes you have,” said Dr. John Sabia of Northern Dutchess Hospital. “Doctors performed tests on little Matthew. They still aren’t sure what caused the young boy to collapse in the first place. The little boy is now back home thanks to the heroic work of a multi-tasking police officer.”

The boy is now breathing again and continuing to live a happy life because of the heroic actions of police officer Hildenbrand.

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