Michelle Obama Urges People To Vote, Saying Republicans Want Them To Not ‘Be Organized’

With the midterm elections just around the corner, First Lady Michelle Obama is making her way through a number of states campaigning for Democratic governors, and Obama is hoping that those who elected her husband in 2008 and 2012 will have a huge impact, unlike the 2010 midterms.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Michelle Obama was in Wisconsin campaigning for Demcratic candidate Mary Burke, who is looking to unseat Republican Governor Scott Walker. During her speech, Obama explained that the reason why her husband got elected to be president was because of the turnout at the polls from youth, women, and minorities. But there wasn’t as much participation in the 2010 midterms..

“Too many people just tuned out,” she added.

Michelle Obama mentioned that the Republicans are hoping that the same people who elected her husband don’t show up to vote this year.

“They’re assuming that we won’t care,” she said. “They’re hoping that we won’t be organized. And only we can prove them wrong.”

Obama continued by stating that every vote counts toward getting Burke elected to be the next governor of Wisconsin.

“Bring everyone you know with you to the polls,” she told the crowd. “If we don’t show up this November, we know exactly what is going to happen. When we stay home, they win.”

Michelle Obama noted that since her husband took office, things have gone the way his campaign slogan promised, according to a report from the Milwaukee Courier Weekly Newspaper.

“People ask me if I still believe in hope and change,” she said. “I say, ‘Yes, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.'”

Michelle Obama also mentioned that her husband’s election was an inspiration for young people.

“Our children can look at the world and know a black person or a woman can be anything, even president,” Obama said.

While she campaigned for Burke and some other Democrats in different states, a report from The New York Times said that Michelle Obama isn’t going to as many states as Hillary Clinton did when she was first lady. And one unidentified “Democratic strategist” said that it could be because of her last name, and her husband’s low approval ratings.

“She’s awesome, but it just brings in the name Obama,” the person said.

In a related report from The Inquisitr, a reporter from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Meg Kissinger, mentioned that at Michelle Obama’s stump speech, journalists were not allowed to talk to the people who attended. She then took to Facebook to voice her frustration with the decision.

“This is what reporters do in America: we speak to people,” Kissinger wrote. “At least that’s how I’ve been doing things at all kinds of political events since 1979.”

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