WWE News: Triple H Now The Man In Charge As Vince McMahon’s Role Diminishes

The WWE has always been Vince McMahon’s organization, but in the wake of the troubled WWE Network rollout and drops to the company’s stock, it appears he’s stepping aside and letting Triple H take a greater role.

As CEO of the WWE, Vince McMahon took over a once-fledgling organization from his father and grew it into a nearly $3 billion company. But McMahon has also led the organization to some missteps in the past year, and he personally lost more than $800 million in net worth when the company’s stock took a hit after Wrestlemania 30.

Now it appears that McMahon is taking a step back from the days in which he wielded total control over the WWE, and the company’s executive vice president Triple H is doing more.

The revelation came from former WWE superstar Kurt Angle, who has spoken about a possible return to the WWE as his TNA contract comes to an end.

“What I found out is that Triple H is pretty much running the show now,” he said in an interview with AlternativeNation.” I didn’t know that, I really believed that Vince would always run the show until the day he died, but now they’re in a position as a publicly traded company where you’re not only answering to Vince and Triple H, you’re also answering to the shareholders.”

Angle said the rise of Triple H signaled a drastic change from the days when Vince McMahon was the only voice in the room.

“So there’s a lot of decisions they have to make not just for themselves, but for the people that are invested in the company,” he said. “So it’s a publicly traded company, and there’s people they have to answer to, but I know when I was there, Vince McMahon never had to answer to anyone. He made the final decision regardless, even when they started as a public company. Now things are a little tougher for them to make chancy decisions.”

But for insiders it is difficult to tell when Vince McMahon will truly step aside and let Triple H take over. There have been rumors in the past that the CEO is stepping down that didn’t pan out, and the WWE has also used McMahon’s stepping down as a story line in the past.