Goat Born With Human Face: Farmer Accused Of Bestiality [Images]

A kid born with a “human” face has seen a farming family in Argentina accused of bestiality with the goat that gave birth to the “mutant” animal.

The Villalba family, who hail and work in Centro, Argentina, have faced the allegations after shocking images of the kid, which died during child-birth, went viral. You can check out one of the graphic images below.


The turmoil began after a family friend posted the images to try and highlight how excessive pesticide use in the area has impacted farming and animals. However, rather than being backed in his analysis, people instead started to suggest that the goat in question had actually been sodomized by one of the family.

According to The Mirror, Olga Villalba has now insisted that none of her family would ever commit such an act as she tries to play down these wild and outrageous accusations.

“It was dead when it was born, we just want to get rid of it as quickly as possible so we buried it in a hole in the ground. It was clearly a genetic mutation caused by the excessive use of pesticides. Another neighbor who was here and was curious took a picture which they unfortunately posted online sparking these ridiculous allegations.”

The family have since gone on to state that they have received vile, threatening, and extremely hurtful messages via social media from people who have become convinced that the mutated animal could only have been created from a sexual encounter between a human and a goat.

There have been numerous other instances of animals being born with strange defects, of course. Just yesterday, a fish was caught that had human teeth, while back in May a sheep gave birth to a lamb with a human face.

Staff at a veterinary clinic where the animal was born via Caesarean section showed how the lamb had a chin, a small nose, and even a set of human-like lips. The lamb’s features were blamed on the mother possessing too much vitamin A in her feed.

In July, a sheep was born with one eye in the centre of its head. Video footage of the abnormal animal was recorded, but this isn’t the first time that a cyclops sheep had been born. Back in the 1950s, farmers in Idaho had a spate of one-eyed birth because of a natural chemical in corn that caused birth defects.

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