‘ISIS Terrorist Crushing Baby’ Might Just Be A Stone Thrown In Propaganda War

By now, most people know about the terrorist threat sweeping the Middle East known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS. Though also known as ISIL and IS, the terrorist group are pretty much the same. Just to show you how much of a threat they are, when they first came on the scene, both the United States and the Iraq (two countries that had a strained relationship) put their differences aside to figure out how to combat them. Now, The Inquisitr reports that ISIS might have breached homeland security of the United States. This includes reports that dozens of ISIS supporters are hiding out in the least expected place one would think, which is in plain sight. Let’s not forget about the fears that ISIS might use the Ebola virus as a method of warfare.

Now pertaining to ISIS, there is a picture going around on the internet that is getting a lot of viral attention. It depicts a man who is described to be an ISIS terrorist about to crush an infant under his foot. To be fair, the picture does look really bad, but it has been discovered it is just another stone thrown in the propaganda war.

This is the picture going viral on the internet described as a Muslic cleric about to crush the baby of a Christian family who did not convert to Islam.

The picture first appeared on Ouchfrandib Post and Setting The Record Straight, which are blogs on Blogspot. Both state that the picture portrays an ISIS cleric killing a baby belonging to a Christian family who refused to convert to Islam. Given the fact there are actual photographs of ISIS beheading children and ISIS teaching their children to behead “infidels,” the picture didn’t get much on a background check. In short, the blogs catered to personal view, which most would find okay if it wasn’t backed by propaganda.

Snopes was the one to uncover a lot of the details of the picture in their report in which the person in the picture with the baby under his foot is a spiritual healer named Amzad Fakir who resides in Bangladesh. From what is explained in the article, he has been arrested by local authorities back in 2010 for his unorthodox treatment practices which look like child abuse. There is another blog post (written in a foreign language) that has numerous pictures of Fakir’s practices in which he hangs babies by the feat on poles, seems to swing them around over his head, and other means which would be considered shocking.

Now that you’ve seen the pictures of Amzad Fakir’s unorthodox methods pertaining to his spiritual healing, what do you think? Please let everyone know in the comments below.

[Images via Amarblog]

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