Teresa Giudice Sentencing: What Judge Acknowledged In ‘RHONJ’ Star And The Request Denied Prosecutors

On Thursday, Judge Esther Salas sentenced Teresa Giudice to 15 months in prison and her husband, Joe, to 41 months. Teresa’s attorneys went for the argument that their client is a mother and daughter first. Their strategy reportedly played a role in the lesser sentence from 27 months to 15 months.

One source speaking with Radar Online gives details behind the judge’s decision.

“Part of the consideration for the sentencing was that Joe takes care of his mom, and she’s old. Teresa also takes care of her ailing parents, and with her gone, the burden of caring for the girls and all three of the parents would fall on Joe.”

The judge reassured Teresa on her role as a mother to her three daughters.

“I’ve got to say, you’re a devoted mother … The court is empowered with some discretion,” Judge Salas told Teresa. “There is a bond between these girls and their mother. I have to consider these girls, and their bond [with you].”

As the New York Daily News adds, Salas let Giudice know that her conviction and sentencing isn’t defining her as a mother.

“You’re a fabulous mom. This doesn’t define you as a mom.”

As the source continues telling Radar Online, prosecutors sought a longer sentence for Joe Teresa Giudice. They wanted Joe to get 47 months, and Teresa, 27 months in prison. In the end, the judge denied their requests and put the children first in this case.

Despite the judge giving Teresa a bit of leniency, she did “for a moment” consider probation, but believes committing fraud “merits incarceration.”

“[M]y gut tells me Teresa Giudice deserves to be in jail,” Salas determines.

Teresa will begin her 15-month sentence on January 5, 2015. The judge mentioned that with good behavior, Teresa can earn credits and get out earlier than that.

Once Teresa serves her time, Joe will serve his 41 months.

What all of this means for the reality show family is covered in the media, from what happens to their assets to the possibility of divorce. Gia Giudice is receiving massive support via social media for what she and her sisters are going through as their parents face prison sentences. It’s unknown what the future holds for RHONJ, but an article by The Inquisitr takes a look at the predictions.

As Joe and Teresa Giudice’s sentencing stands, their daughters will have one parent caring for them while the other is away. At least they’ll always have their mother and father with this arrangement.