Student-Teacher Threesome Charge: Shocking New Details In Rachel Respess, Shelley Dufresne Case

The case of a student-teacher threesome sexual encounter grew even more lurid Friday as new details of the two women’s relationship with the then-16-year-old student, and the background of the older teacher, Shelley Dufresne, became public.

According to the newly released allegations, Dufresne, while a 32-year-old married mom of three, was portrayed as a the ringleader of the sex tryst who “enticed and transported” to the apartment of another teacher after a high school football game on September 12, where she had planned the three-way romp in advance, police said in a report.

Respess told police that she was fully aware that Dufresne wanted to have sex with the boy at her apartment that night.

As Teacher Had Sex With Boy, Older Teacher ‘Intimately’ Kissed Her, Police Say

The Kenner, Louisiana, apartment belonged to 24-year-old teacher Rachel Respess, a friend and colleague of Dufresne at Destrehan High School, where both women taught English classes in which the teenager, whose name has not been released, was a student.

During the threesome, while the boy was engaged in sexual intercourse with Respess, Dufresne took the initiative and “began intimately kissing” Respess in what the police report described as “an attempt to arouse all parties involved, all who were completely disrobed.”

But even more shockingly, police say that the married mom had previously engaged the teenager in multiple sexual encounters — prior to bringing Respess into the illicit relationship as well. Previous information made public by Kenner Police said that Dufresne had only one prior sexual encounter with the male student, but the police reports released Thursday indicated that there were an unspecified number of sexual episodes — but at least two.

Those previous sex acts took place at a home in Montz, Louisiana, which is the town where Dufresne lives. But the police information did not specify whether the two had sexual relations in Dufresne’s own home.

Police: Video Recording Of Student-Teacher Threesome May Exist

Dufresne was released on a $200,000 bond, but she is now under house arrest, allowed to leave her house only to attend medical appointments, including mental health treatment — and church.

Respess was released on $7,000 bond. But the troubles for the two teachers may get even worse. Police day they are investigating allegations that the boy made a video recording of his threesome with the teachers.

Though Respess stopped short of admitting that she had intercourse with the boy, police said, she “almost” owned up to having sex with him. And Kenner Police Chief Mike Glaser said he an his detectives have “no doubt” that both women had full sexual intercourse with the teenage student involved in the threesome.

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