Timothy Kane: Priest Confesses To Stealing Money From Church For His Inmate Lover

Timothy Kane, a Catholic priest from Detroit, Michigan, has confessed to stealing money from a church charity to fund his inmate lover and his family. In a confession made after his arrest and read Thursday at the Wayne County Circuit Court, Kane admitted to embezzling money from Detroit’s Angel Fund charity to support an inmate he had been having sexual relations with for the past few years.

According to Deadline Detroit, 58-year-old Kane met inmate Fonsha Reid 14 years ago while serving as a prison chaplain. Official prison records say Reid was imprisoned from 1994 to 2009 for manslaughter. He went back to prison soon after his release until mid-June this year for a felony firearm conviction. The two began to engage in a sexual relationship three or four years ago, according to the confession read by Detective Cory Williams, an investigator for the Wayne Country Prosecutor’s Office.

Timothy Kane admitted in his confession that he used the embezzled funds to support Reid’s personal needs including gas, apartment, and even personal gifts to him and his family.

“I understand I misappropriated funds for Fonsha’s personal needs. I feel bad about what I’ve done. I would use my portion to assist my friend Fonsha with his personal needs.”

The disgraced priest’s embezzlement charges, which were filed earlier this year, have drastically affected the ministry. The Angel Fund was sponsored by an anonymous donor who donated $17 million between 2005 and 2014 to help poor people in the local area have financial support during emergency situations. Shortly after Timothy Kane had been charged and arrested, the anonymous donor has stopped giving money to the cause, slowing down charitable efforts in the ministry.

USA Today reports that the grants from the Angel Fund misused by Kane for Reid’s personal use ranged from $1,000 to $5,000. Kane enlisted another prisoner’s wife, Dorreca Brewer, to round up people willing to use their own names and identifications so that Kane could do his transactions. He would then split the monies acquired from the charity between himself, Reid, Brower, and the person whose name and identification was instrumental in acquiring the funds.

Timothy Kane isn’t the only religious figure to be involved with practices contrary to their respective moral teachings in the past few months. Just last month, a priest from Canada was defrocked for committing rape and bestiality while under the wing of the Catholic church. Eric Dejaeger, 67 and originally from Belgium, was found guilty of victimizing 12 boys and 10 girls.

Timothy Kane’s trial is set to resume next week.

[Image from Deadline Detroit]

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