Ellen Pompeo Opens Up About Her Newborn Surrogate Baby

Ellen Pompeo just welcomed her newborn daughter with husband Chris Ivery via surrogate. Hours after her announcement on her personal WhoSay, Ellen hit Jimmy Kimmel’s show to open up about her second daughter.

As the Inquisitr reported, Pompeo’s newborn daughter, Sienna May Ivery was born via a surrogate. The Grey’s Anatomy actress revealed to Jimmy Kimmel that although she’s just opening up about the birth of her second daughter, she’s been around the Pompeo/Ivery household for two months now.

When Pompeo went on Jimmy Kimmel’s show to promote Grey’s Anatomy, she was met with applause. This applause only intensified when she admitted that she was able to keep the birth and the baby’s presence under wraps for two months. “She was born two months ago. Pretty good, right?”

According to E!, it sounds like Pompeo was already an expert at keeping secrets before the arrival of her newborn daughter. Despite being famous due to her long seasoned drama Grey’s Anatomy, she managed to keep another private moment a secret from the public. The actress proudly said to Kimmel, “The mayor of New York City married us, and I kept that a secret for five days, too.”

This time around Ellen felt like she had to keep the secret for the sake of the surrogate’s privacy.

“I’ve done it before. The covert thing is kind of fun. This baby was born via surrogate, so I felt an obligation to keep the surrogate’s privacy. That was of utmost importance to me.”

To that Kimmel retorted, “And then today you said the hell with her!”

As for Pompeo’s role in her surrogate’s life? The actress was very hands on throughout the whole pregnancy. She had no problem explaining the whole process to Kimmel and the viewers in the only way she knew how to, which is to say very candidly.

“I was present for the insemination. I held her hand. So, they take the sperm…Medically, Chris Ivery has to do what he has to do and provide, and then I had to provide something as well, you know? You have to retrieve the egg. And then they put it together in a dish, the lab technicians, and then they make the embryo. Then they insert the embryo into the woman who will carry the child.”

That said, her happy time getting ready for little Sienna didn’t come without drama. Two days prior to her daughter’s arrival, Pompeo’s dog was attacked by a coyote in broad daylight. Fortunately, she told Kimmel that the dog only sustained minor injuries.

Sienna joins older sister Stella Luna Ivery, 5, which the star had naturally.

[Image via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]