‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo Galavis Defends Nikki Ferrell Against The Haters

Juan Pablo Galavis from The Bachelor is defending his relationship with Nikki Ferrell on social media once again. Juan Pablo never popped the question at the end of his season on ABC, and Nikki is still waiting for him to do it. The fact that Juan Pablo did not even say I love you to Nikki following their season has earned the couple many critics. Juan Pablo and Nikki are now on Couples Therapy on VH1, and this has earned the couple new criticism.

Juan Pablo responded to a fan tweet on his Twitter on Wednesday, and he made it clear that he does not care what fans think about their relationship.

The tweet was not the only one he made defending their relationship. Followers of the couple on social media are upset thinking that Nikki has asked Juan Pablo Galavis to leave his daughter behind and move to be with her. She revealed that she would not move to Miami in a recent interview. Juan Pablo defended Nikki Ferrell against these attacks with another tweet.

Juan Pablo Galavis has stated since the beginning that his daughter is very important to him. He made it clear to another fan that he does not intend to leave his daughter for Nikki. Juan Pablo introduced Nikki Ferrell to his daughter during one of their solo dates during his season, and Nikki has not hidden her feelings about the little girl since then.

Fans are learning even more about the couple from their appearance on Couples Therapy. The last episode of Couples Therapy aired on VH1 on Wednesday night, and Nikki shared a new revelation about their relationship, according to Wetpaint Entertainment. Nikki revealed at that time she was still waiting for Juan Pablo to pick her.

The appearance on Couples Therapy is far from over, and Juan Pablo made sure to tell fans to keep watching because “time will tell.” Did he mean that in general about his relationship? On the other hand, was Juan Pablo just talking about the end of the series?

The couple has managed to survive a lot of criticism. Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell also have many supporters. Juan Pablo did not jump to propose or to say the three words America wanted to hear during the finale. He considered his daughter. That has earned Juan Pablo some fans. However, there does seem to be more critics of the couple.

After the season premiere of Couples Therapy, Nikki Ferrell deleted her Twitter account because of the backlash. She still has not returned to the social media site. Inquisitr previously reported that Juan Pablo told their fans via Twitter about Nikki’s decision to leave the social media site. Since her departure, he has stood up against their critics on his own.

What do you think? Are you a fan of Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell? Do you think they will continue to survive?