Giant Snake Slithers Into Family Home Through Light-Fitting: Is Anyone Safe?

Snakes! Love them or loathe them, you don’t particularly want one of the scaly serpents slithering through your bathroom light-fitting unannounced when you’re having a shower, do you?

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? A snake bursting through a bathroom light-fitting like a nuclear warhead or a demon from the deep intent on creating god alone knows what grim carnage and mass mayhem.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to an unsuspecting and absolutely terrified homeowner in Queensland, Australia, when a plucky and powerful python decided it was time for a bit of home invasion, reptilian style.

As you can see from the picture, when a snake decides to crash in on your property through the light-fitting, it makes for a pretty disturbing scene.

Brisbane company Snake Catchers gave the python’s dastardly deed the oxygen of publicity when they shared the photographs of the serpent caught in the act on their Facebook page, alongside a message that will slither deep into the consciousness of anyone with a snake phobia.

“In case you were thinking of leaving that cover off the bathroom light for a little longer… think again! “You may end up with an unwanted visitor.”

Just picture the scene, if you dare. You’re naked in the shower, lathering yourself silly with scented soap, and tunelessly singing along to One Direction, when all of a sudden your private party is gatecrashed by something so foul, so rancid, and so utterly primordial, that it redefines the word nightmare.

As the lights go out and the serpent slithers in, the cold hand of fear paralyzes you completely. With eyes glazed over with shock and lips sealed with an ancient horror, you stare helplessly at the slow moving and hypnotic beast which has forced its way into your inner sanctum, unannounced and uninvited.

You get the picture people. Words alone can not do such an experience justice, but many Facebook users on the Snake Catchers page thought they’d give it a go anyhow.

One said, “Oh how scary I’m still freaked out.”

Another exclaimed, “Omg. That’s not even funny. Our heat light is like that.”

While another more pragmatic user explained, “We are attaching all our covers!”

Perhaps one of the more eloquent posts came from the user who contemplated somewhat philosophically, “Imagine showering, looking up and seeing this c**t coming down.”

And finally, the sort of Facebook user who would prove invaluable in such an emergency suggested, “You wanna hope there’s a toilet in that bathroom. After walking in to see that it’d be needed.”

Indeed sir, indeed.

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